An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1551.04 (7,395th)
2,360 (71,090th)
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Title Δ
Can I make this 'if' condition shorter? +1.92
Regex replacing dates in proper order +1.43
Split string by multiple delimiters without creating new object all... +0.74
Convert strings to floats or double from a list c# +0.00
Check if an enum contains more than one flag +1.18
Creating a Data Reader from a C# Object 0.00
Linq replace values until first X value -0.17
Equivalent to Solution Folders in VS Code 0.00
Disable https dotnet core 3.0 webapi 0.00
Allow some, but not all white space in a MVC Regular Expression -2.40
How to extract one array from a multidimensional array in C# 0.00
Cross-compilation with Visual Studio 2019 +0.43
Sum of two array from different method -0.54
How to Read a text file add line to List<> in Linq -0.34
Read multiple lines from a large file in non-ascending order +1.17
CsvHelper - can't match class object names to csv header names... 0.00
How to custom cast a list to a different type? -0.32
Get absolute address of range +0.43
Parse a specific string from a converted bytes string 0.00
Using IN operator on list by using Rowfilter i am getting an error... 0.00
Creating a regular expression in C# -2.83
C# is printing float value of -0.0 wrong +0.43
Efficiently check if any cell in a DataTable contains a substring 0.00
How to extract name and version from string +1.19
C# chunking two-dimensional array into batches +1.04
Replace only substrings that have specified string before and... 0.00
Incorrect string comparision happening with regular expression -0.43
How to get the desired substring from a string(xml) in an efficient... 0.00
C# Get a file with a specific and exactly matching extension +1.59
Is it possible to make HashSet subclass of Dictionary? 0.00
How to convert hex data from a text file into string file +1.96
Is it possible to access properties of a subclass if the object'... -0.42
Are F#'s generic member constraints possible within C#? -1.33
C# Check if input is in the Pattern of A<INTEGER> +0.64
How to apply a filter with multiple options 0.00
Problem with encoding exporting a CSV file 0.00
How can I stop intellisense from auto completing 'from' whe... 0.00
Store data from byte array into queue then convert to char array 0.00
How to add a namespace when parsing string to Xelement? 0.00
.OrderBy multiple columns with .GroupBy -0.05
Java Base64.getDecoder().decode() c# equivalent -0.02
How to print out a reversed array using range? -0.23
TimeSpan Parse issue for varying digits in Milliseconds 0.00
Timespan Parse error - Input string is not correct format +0.43
C# ExcelDataReader read from specific columns only 0.00
Find Index from C# List<List<string>> -0.24
How to search in Dictionary with string array as key +1.07
What is Range and Index types in c# 8? +0.38
Cannot decompress content stream of PDF specifications +1.23
How to input and output values in array [][,] and [,][] (mix of jag... +0.44