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1586.52 (2,403rd)
29,801 (4,120th)
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Title Δ
confused about Pascal syntax 0.00
Reading String from a text file into Array in Pascal -0.56
Required package 'bdertl'/'vcljpg' not found upgrad... 0.00
How to define compiler symbol in Lazarus IDE? 0.00
Delphi Roundto and FormatFloat Inconsistency -1.51
Different optimizations in Math.Sum in Win32/64 +1.99
Why this record structure is compiling but giving runtime error 0.00
Delphi - Implicit typecast operator not working for method parameters 0.00
sorting characters in an second array while replacing them with ... 0.00
Erroneous conversion of Cardinal to OleVariant. UInt64 is ok 0.00
How do I Do a Determine if a number in a array is a even number 0.00
Can't assign char to array in Delphi 0.00
zero based String 0.00
How to increment sequential Const values when adding a new one in t... +1.14
Delphi 10.3.1 compiler generates code that issues an exception when... 0.00
Function result from threading always delayed? 0.00
Problems with last row in Tlistview Delphi 0.00
tIdHttp Inside thread and IdTCPServer in GUI -1.84
How do I count part of a string up to a specific character? 0.00
Why does "H2077 value assigned to X never used" not occou... 0.00
Limit a variable in pascal from one to ten 0.00
A misunderstanding about MOD statements or FOR loops in Pascal 0.00
Delphi OmniThreadLibrary and Async 0.00
Why do these two Delphi code blocks behave different? 0.00
Constant `array of cardinal` produces error 'Constant expressio... +1.61
free super class object from base class delphi -1.53
change output to a file using DELPHI IDE 0.00
Is there any way to select specific case statements based on specif... -1.62
Using a global TList<real> 0.00
Passing a pointer to a routine expecting an array of byte 0.00
Delphi remove symbols from String +0.38
Does instruction myVar is TMyObj can work if myVar is nil? +1.32
Why throw an exception when multiplying? 0.00
Using the TYPE keyword in Pascal -0.12
Compare value in the previous cell StringGrid 0.00
How to create an string array with defined element in one instructi... -0.13
Is it possible to use form attributes in separate unit? 0.00
Doing a continuous action while a TButton is held down 0.00
Delphi - inconsistent floating point roundoff when using FormatFloa... 0.00
Dynamic array of string skips the first index 0.00
Using MOD in Pascal +0.38
Extract texts between quotes in Delphi 0.00
Procedure to auto-increment the trackbar in delphi 0.00
Is there any way to get the class name of an old style (Borland Pas... +0.20
DELPHI: Crash when unloading DLL if context help is shown 0.00
Delphi inline usage causes 'F2084 internal error' 0.00
How to assign an OleVariant with RTTI? // Convert an OleVariant or... -1.74
What is first version of Delphi which allows typecasts like double(... 0.00
Does FreeAndNil procedure also free TStringList created in thread? 0.00
Delphi Tokyo 64-bit flushes denormal numbers to zero? +1.64