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Peter Lawrey

1576.31 (3,034th)
294,309 (40th)
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Title Δ
Differences between using synchronized(obj) and a declared lock 0.00
Why am I getting wrong 0 index of value? -0.24
Overriding primitive datatypes in java +0.37
Parse String to Double with null values 0.00
Solution to go past the max value of integer? +0.24
Explanation for v-> v>5 +2.16
Lazy initialization / memoization without volatile 0.00
Unable to clone thread - Why? -2.26
Performance of executorService multithreading pool +0.77
How to convert my Java 7 code to java 8 (imbricate forech of Map an... 0.00
Read data from ByteArrayOutputStream 0.00
High I/O Java process consistently gets signal 11 SIGSEGV in a Java... +0.05
Kill a Java Thread without looping 0.00
Putting a breakpoint in a non reachable thread forces it to run -1.89
Java: Convert bit string to byte[] 0.00
How do you iterate though List<SortedSet<T>>? 0.00
Thread dump showing thread not releasing lock. 0.00
Reading new data from a constantly updating file in Java 0.00
How tp choose the way java allocates memory? 0.00
Map<String, Integer> getting rounded int percentage 0.00
notify() -> all of the threads in wait set must exit 0.00
What is time complexity of bitwise & operator in java? +0.10
java using 100% cpu when application running on jboss 7.2 beta 0.00
Generating Checksum for Java Object -2.29
Java convert byte[] to int[] by concatenate every two bytes 0.00
getClass() prints binary format while using constructor in Enum +2.32
Character Constant error in hello world in Java -0.36
What is the role of the class in which the main method is wrapped? -0.49
Java float to string conversion with trailing zeros -0.06
Code review for performance enhancement perspective 0.00
Call a 86x Dll from Java 0.00
Java performance : private static final String vs local String ? nu... +0.18
calculate the hour from the System.nanoTime() in java 0.00
Can I control Exception in JVM options? -1.11
Should I use atomic integer or sync +2.32
Cycle java . How to get next h? -0.11
JRE vs Node performance 0.00
Error when running a 32 bit .dll on a 64 bit JVM Inteliij 0.00
java program is not finishing for loop why? +0.12
Inferring type of class arguments in Java generic interface 0.00
What will be if reassign reference to lock object inside synchroniz... 0.00
Can we append multiple data into a bufferedoutputStream? 0.00
Java: Make all fields either final or volatile? +1.42
date is back flowed in java application +0.40
What is the difference between compare() and compareUnsigned() in J... -0.10
Method overloading and throws exception handling 0.00
Does the JVM have an option to automatically encrypt it's memory? 0.00
When I run the code it doesn't present what I expected 0.00
Java Switch on Enum Value -0.86
Does the JVM JIT generate syscall instructions? 0.00