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Peter Lawrey

1582.66 (2,578th)
446,636 (40th)
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Title Δ
Why a List<SuperClass> Object can be casted to a Subclass Obj... +2.56
Why does a CHAR(1) in SQL take 1 byte while a char in java takes 2... +1.72
Custom Java annotations to introduce method parameters and execute... 0.00
Is a Java collection guaranteed to be in a valid, usable state afte... +1.44
What is the logic behind Java's forcing you to provide no-arg c... +0.83
Convert an array of integers (or string) of binary 1s and 0s to the... -1.20
How to check what thread or object is still used or not? 0.00
Catch exception from toString method in Java -0.14
to display the even number followed by all odd numbers +0.26
Does running JStack on java 8 stops all threads? +0.48
Java Result 134 in Cooja Simulator 0.00
Java Type Conversion: Where is the conversion actually? 0.00
What's a method that works exactly like Math.floorMod() but wit... -0.61
float data type precision in Java -0.32
For JVM Field Descriptor, why use Z for boolean, L for an instance... 0.00
Chronicle Queue memory mapping file to reduce avoid garbage collect... 0.00
How to get method name from Method Reference in Java 8 0.00
Having an Interface provide an instance of a Class that implements it 0.00
How to serialize a simple object for Chronicle Queue using Chronicl... 0.00
2 x @NotNull == too much? 0.00
is it mandatory to having same version of jdk and jre? +0.63
Chronicle Queue Proxy Method Value is Same Object Instance Each Time 0.00
Differences between using synchronized(obj) and a declared lock 0.00
Why am I getting wrong 0 index of value? -0.24
Overriding primitive datatypes in java +0.37
Parse String to Double with null values 0.00
Solution to go past the max value of integer? +0.23
Explanation for v-> v>5 +2.15
Lazy initialization / memoization without volatile 0.00
Unable to clone thread - Why? -1.60
Performance of executorService multithreading pool +0.77
How to convert my Java 7 code to java 8 (imbricate forech of Map an... 0.00
Read data from ByteArrayOutputStream 0.00
High I/O Java process consistently gets signal 11 SIGSEGV in a Java... +0.05
Kill a Java Thread without looping 0.00
Putting a breakpoint in a non reachable thread forces it to run -1.88
Java: Convert bit string to byte[] 0.00
How do you iterate though List<SortedSet<T>>? 0.00
Thread dump showing thread not releasing lock. 0.00
Reading new data from a constantly updating file in Java 0.00
How tp choose the way java allocates memory? 0.00
Map<String, Integer> getting rounded int percentage 0.00
notify() -> all of the threads in wait set must exit 0.00
What is time complexity of bitwise & operator in java? +0.10
java using 100% cpu when application running on jboss 7.2 beta 0.00
Generating Checksum for Java Object -2.29
Java convert byte[] to int[] by concatenate every two bytes 0.00
getClass() prints binary format while using constructor in Enum +2.33
Character Constant error in hello world in Java -0.36
What is the role of the class in which the main method is wrapped? -0.48