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Peter Lawrey

1576.76 (3,237th)
484,758 (45th)
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Title Δ
Find the smallest binary number without continous 1 0.00
What features of java chronicle map uses to write the data on memor... 0.00
Can Chronicle Queue method writer be shared between threads? 0.00
Multi threaded writes to a MappedFile / MappedBytes 0.00
Java Setters not working as intended on Array object 0.00
Chronicle queue hard power failure recovery 0.00
How to validate a double value which accepts either integers or val... -0.12
How to use the same CQ in two different threads 0.00
Consumer Group in Chronice Queue 0.00
Do Chronicle products support 32-bits JVM and Java 8 -0.60
Whats the best way to obtain a concurrent hash set when write opera... -1.17
Java resident memory growing when Executors.newCachedThreadPool used 0.00
Specific use of OpenHFT's Chronicle-DeCentered ../examples/appr... 0.00
How to do Java polymorphism -1.31
What is count[str.charAt(i)]++ actually storing? 0.00
Random peaks in JMH Benchmark Iterations 0.00
Chronicle Queue issue with certain boxes -0.61
Is there a way to convert Float value into a String in Java 0.00
Object Allocation with ChronicleMap and ExternalMapQueryContext 0.00
file corruption or truncation on hard reset 0.00
Does the JVM operate independently of the physical machine it is in... 0.00
While loop condition in calculating square root using Newton-Raphso... -0.42
why JVM Current old generation capacity + new generation capacity+M... 0.00
How to deal with long Full Garbage Collection cycle in Java +0.13
What is the recommended method to compress decimal into case insens... 0.00
I am working on file writing operations in java.I want to clear the... +0.37
Blocking Queue Take out of Order 0.00
Subtracting bigDecimal numbers produces a precision of 0? 0.00
How does java.util.HashMap.containsValue() work? What is it's t... -0.61
Is a jps process a JVM process? -1.61
how to allocate memory to JVM 0.00
Java: Memory consumption in Activity Monitor on Mac vs JVisualVM 0.00
Why isn't the run function on my IntelliJ project working? It&#... +0.39
Log level set to "TRACE" for chronicle-logger causes Abst... 0.00
Which method is getting executed when they have the same implementa... +0.37
Why a List<SuperClass> Object can be casted to a Subclass Obj... +2.57
Why does a CHAR(1) in SQL take 1 byte while a char in java takes 2... +1.73
Custom Java annotations to introduce method parameters and execute... 0.00
Is a Java collection guaranteed to be in a valid, usable state afte... +0.77
What is the logic behind Java's forcing you to provide no-arg c... +0.83
Convert an array of integers (or string) of binary 1s and 0s to the... -1.20
How to check what thread or object is still used or not? 0.00
Catch exception from toString method in Java -0.14
to display the even number followed by all odd numbers +0.17
Does running JStack on java 8 stops all threads? +0.48
Java Result 134 in Cooja Simulator 0.00
Java Type Conversion: Where is the conversion actually? 0.00
What's a method that works exactly like Math.floorMod() but wit... -0.61
float data type precision in Java -0.32
For JVM Field Descriptor, why use Z for boolean, L for an instance... 0.00