An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1503.11 (309,400th)
1,443 (112,100th)
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Title Δ
How to make the white of a PNG transparent in Java? 0.00
How many objects are available for garbage collection? 0.00
What expected Java byte code generate for generic class? 0.00
Java Swing BufferedImage vs Direct Drawing 0.00
I can't figure out how to implement ItemListener and ActionList... 0.00
Parameters in abstract method (Java 7) -3.82
Fast way of iterate over trues in boolean array +0.93
Avoiding redundant function calls in Lambda +0.60
Displaying Resized Picture 0.00
doClick() not disposing frame -0.03
How to convert a bytearray to Jar -0.06
Java inheritance - Two classes that use the same methods +2.68
How to use lots of objects in java based on class names in an array 0.00
Inaccurate result from gaussian functon 0.00
How can a map be used to search the list of employe objects on the... -1.37
Split a Sentences String into sentence per line in Java +3.92
Generate 10 random pairs conditionally +4.23
Java Annotations: Changing Data using Anotations 0.00
Using PaintComponent to draw outside of Panel 0.00
clearRect draws black instead of transparent +0.05
Control before setting a boolean? +4.03
KeyListener not detecting key presses -0.90
Stream dynamic BufferedImage to website 0.00
How to make this programm to count the odd and even numbers in an a... +0.00
Java - generic class parameter with a generic parameter -3.87
Java - socket programming 0.00
Draw things on Canvas in Java +4.06
convert signed byte to unsigned byte using formula int unsignedByte... +0.01
Java Printing all of my maps keys and values +4.27
set image src using bufferedimage java 0.00
Setting a pixel colour using hex code 0.00
How to keep track of the elapsed time in a tick method? 0.00
How can I add 2 objects in java -3.18
Measuring delay with audio fingerprinting (Java) 0.00
Why collection types check happen only at compile, and Array types... +0.52
IF Condition doesnt work -0.89
Type mismatch: cannot convert from capture#2-of ? extends Number to T -1.83
Amplify high and low value damper 0.00
Can I convert List<V> to Map<K, List<V>> without... -1.52
How to swap entries efficiently in an Integer ArrayList in java -3.92
Java error while trying to print a variable initialized within if -1.59
Java 8 Collection stream Collectors.toMap +3.99
Can somebody explain why this code does not color every other pixel... +4.07
Which button was clicked in Java? +0.18
Retaining values in recursive call java 0.00
Algorithm translate a number to String -2.66
Recursive Java programming, Knight's Tour driving me nuts +0.06
Java 8 Stream - aggregate and return aggregation steps +0.22
How to convert a java generated public key to pem format with openssl -4.01
A better way to replace many if conditions -4.02