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Michael Gantman

1423.25 (4,190,862nd)
2,074 (80,584th)
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Title Δ
Implementing PUT in Java Client application +0.11
Reading text from file using filereader +1.23
How to dynamically customise deserialiser for date format? +0.49
Serialize to JSON as name-value from String by Jackson ObjectMapper -0.23
Java SSL handshake_failure 0.00
FileOutputStream or any creation file using java file is default cr... 0.00
How to always print exception to stdout even if the exception is ca... -0.16
Format Java 8 LocalDateTime in angularJs view -0.54
How to make java object with comma in value not to be splitted to 2... +0.49
the utf-8 charset txt file convert to the mysql can not show correc... 0.00
Date Function is trimming seconds where seconds is 00 +0.66
How to provide implementations for enum values in Java? +0.03
Serialize Java8 LocalDateTime to UTC Timestamp using Jackson -0.57
Gregorian Date to Date -1.32
Tokenize words into syllables (gujarati characters) for Gujarati +0.10
System.out.print consumes too much memory when printing to console.... -0.85
Character set conversion problem - debug invalid characters - rever... -1.59
Get locale specific date/time format in Java -0.15
Getting " Server returned HTTP response co... +0.29
Java MYSQL byte of each char -0.61
I want to combine multiple JSON objects into a single array -0.15
ThreadPoolTaskScheduler run tasks and why future is same? +0.11
How to fetch response from Java web app without polling? 0.00
Generic code to read API response +0.12
Jackson deserialize date from Twitter to `ZonedDateTime` +2.91
How can I parse a Java string that can be in any ISO 8601 format? -0.90
Reversed Hebrew or numbers after using iText to parse a PDF document +0.50
Spring boot return 204 No-Content when List is empty -0.39
How to deserialize Spring Boot actuator environment 0.00
HttpClientErrorException 400 null using RestTemplate in microServices +0.61
Execute a method after the application starts using Spring +0.40
Charset unable to read € (Euro Symbol) from a dsv file in java -1.53
Spring Hibernate JPA Java8 OffsetTime 0.00
java: translating string to greek characters -0.14
Spring transaction rolled back on RuntimeException 0.00
Java: How to Convert LocalDateTime value to Date and Preserve Time... +1.06
Spring tries to deserialize to LinkedHashMap instead of POJO +0.99
How to inject bean via generic variable in spring +1.47
Split UTF-16 String into single chars/strings -0.88
Java 8 DateTimeFormatter parsing optional sections -1.02
Two implementations for two different Java versions 0.00
Settings file (settings.json) does not compile along with my program +1.06
Dependency Injection not working When Inteface is given as parameter -0.61
java char encoding for strange string from API 0.00
How spring boot serialized objects -0.39
Which pattern or method to use when calling a regex check method in... -1.19
File download from url using HttpURLConnection |HTTP 400 if file na... 0.00
SimpleDateFormat with German Locale - Java 8 vs Java 10 -0.65
Why unicode character \u0004 is not showing in Javafx TextArea -0.95
How can I combine Left to Right and Right to Left text within Java... 0.00