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Michael Gantman

1423.25 (4,190,862nd)
2,074 (80,584th)
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Title Δ
Ordering a list using another list. swap items based on second list 0.00
How to use JacksonJSONProvider ObjectMapper() class in Java? 0.00
How to parse different date strings to LocalDate/Year? 0.00
Is there a way to serialise Java TreeMap into a JSON? 0.00
Is there any way I can remove \n from inner html inside a div? 0.00
Consumption of a REST web service using URLConnection 0.00
Rest API call returns error with LocalDate 0.00
How to determine '/' or '\' when constructing domai... 0.00
Java Interface Implementation - Automatic Initializer 0.00
Execute two schedulers simultaneously with spring-boot @scheduled a... 0.00
How to convert String date in some unknown locale into some other k... 0.00
Unzip files that contain chinese characters 0.00
HttpResponse response String has extra `"` and doesn't rec... 0.00
How to force stop an infinit loop Thread 0.00
Java Message Properties choice for languages reading from right to... 0.00
Java HttpURLConnection is returning the same HTML despita using dif... 0.00
Need to write arabic text inside table cell in header of PDF using... 0.00
DateTimeFormatter to parse all ISO-valid styles of zone-offset 0.00
How to convert generic type into String 0.00
How to check if a class is loaded or not in a Java process 0.00
How to receive customized JSON Object in Spring boot Api post Method 0.00
Java scheduled thread pool executor with initial delay on some cond... 0.00
Implementing PUT in Java Client application +0.11
Reading text from file using filereader +1.23
How to dynamically customise deserialiser for date format? +0.49
Serialize to JSON as name-value from String by Jackson ObjectMapper -0.23
Java SSL handshake_failure 0.00
FileOutputStream or any creation file using java file is default cr... 0.00
How to always print exception to stdout even if the exception is ca... -0.16
Format Java 8 LocalDateTime in angularJs view -0.54
How to make java object with comma in value not to be splitted to 2... +0.49
the utf-8 charset txt file convert to the mysql can not show correc... 0.00
Date Function is trimming seconds where seconds is 00 +0.66
How to provide implementations for enum values in Java? +0.03
Serialize Java8 LocalDateTime to UTC Timestamp using Jackson -0.57
Gregorian Date to Date -1.32
Tokenize words into syllables (gujarati characters) for Gujarati +0.10
System.out.print consumes too much memory when printing to console.... -0.85
Character set conversion problem - debug invalid characters - rever... -1.59
Get locale specific date/time format in Java -0.15
Getting " Server returned HTTP response co... +0.29
Java MYSQL byte of each char -0.61
I want to combine multiple JSON objects into a single array -0.15
ThreadPoolTaskScheduler run tasks and why future is same? +0.11
How to fetch response from Java web app without polling? 0.00
Generic code to read API response +0.12
Jackson deserialize date from Twitter to `ZonedDateTime` +2.91
How can I parse a Java string that can be in any ISO 8601 format? -0.90
Reversed Hebrew or numbers after using iText to parse a PDF document +0.50
Spring boot return 204 No-Content when List is empty -0.39