An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1516.65 (39,756th)
722 (202,788th)
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Title Δ
What is the output of the method with nested generic type? like IEn... +0.45
How can i check if all my checkers are in the same place? 0.00
Making my first calculator in C# and I'm stuck 0.00
Moq internal class and/or internal method 0.00
How to use JsonSerializer to deserialize a heterogenous JSON Array? 0.00
How to mock (MOQ) IConfidentialClientApplication which has sealed s... 0.00
Instantiate a class object in startup.cs in .Net Core +0.47
How to get output parameter results and query result from stored pr... 0.00
I have a C# console project I am working on With agetter and no set... +0.48
How to JSON serialize without cyclic error +1.75
Injecting a dependency to constructor of an attribute in C# 0.00
SignalR client-server connection issue 0.00
Remove duplicate from string array based on another string array -0.53
Blazor Server App: How to design so that the client requests receiv... +0.48
How to ignore Cases in C# -0.03
.NET Core Dependency Injection error having generic service and rep... 0.00
How to unit test when Microsoft.Azure.ServiceBus.Core.MessageReceiv... -0.52
How to upload files in postman which is a property in an object of... 0.00
How to automap with a specific condition in C# .NET CORE? 0.00
Validation of Class with FluentValidation returning object is requi... 0.00
Serialize to JSON only some records from a dictionary in a complex... +1.90
Creating a c# class to accept a JSON array -0.07
Filter key value pairs with dynamic operators 0.00
JSON.NET: How to deserialize from specific json object to a class w... 0.00
Swapping the month and the year in a 4 digit date string +0.35
Returning a List<> inheritance C# -4.30
Selecting items defined as enum in a list C# 0.00
Parse FormData [] with array of files - to Controller with saving t... 0.00
Get all Blobs From Azure Storage using .NET Core 2.2 0.00
Find the null value of a Datatable 0.00
chain up multiple IFs - evaluate next only if current is false +1.02
How i can read javascript function in ASP.NET Core Blazor and Camera -4.29
System.Text.Json.JsonSerializer fails to deserialize the member 0.00
Can I use AutoMapper to Map one int to a list of objects? 0.00
Adding an int value of a dictionary within a dictionary +3.80
LINQ - How to Flatten List<List<string>> where strings... +2.67
How to subscribe to Events of Dependency Injected Services +3.91
API GET method doesn't store data in the property in Xamarin Fo... -3.98
Result from mocking unit test always returns null 0.00
Refactoring to factory method -1.79
How to iterate a `foreach loop` between index 40-60? -3.18
IQueryable<> not working unless debug and click query and Res... 0.00
How to Map (using AutoMapper) entities that have a ForeignKey in AS... 0.00
Get all the integer type from a repo into a list of an existing obj... 0.00
capture optional URL parameter as a local variable 0.00
Getting error 'CS0123' assigning a function to an event des... 0.00
Q:AutoMapper unable to use TypeCode in Destination +3.84
Cast instance in list to its generic interface 0.00
Automapper - Convert UTC to Specific timezone 0.00
I need add only property a 4 objects 0.00