An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1533.70 (15,540th)
5,046 (32,880th)
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Title Δ
FFmpeg package for Apple Silicon -0.05
Xcode 11 beta simulator crashes when trying to load AudioToolbox +0.88
C++ object as an Objective-C++ property -2.16
Why is Sierra asking for Contacts (AddressBook) permission? 0.00
NSRangeException when I have multiple pickerViews for multiple text... 0.00
Adding two integers in the debugger gives unexpected output +1.79
Dynamic UITableViewCell Producing Undesired Results 0.00
How to resolve "Undefined Symbol" error from Linker while... 0.00
Unbalanced calls to begin/end appearance transition for UISplitView... 0.00
Why does UITabBarController deliver wrong size to hidden views in v... -0.56
how can i get app store link before approve by apple -0.98
Swift function that return two strings fail when its in loop -0.55
How to port a module in Objective-C to Swift? 0.00
Drawing walking path ios 0.00
Programmatically open Maps app in OS X +0.42
how to add NSArray to a UIButton(Property) -0.57
Get UITableViewCell of UIButton? -1.80
Distance the object is drop from the pulley system (Similar to Angr... 0.00
How to add commas in floating point number -0.87
How to display date format like "Today, 25 Mar 2014 15:18"... -2.17
How to show data with Search Bar and Search Display Controller in o... 0.00
Interacting with camera controls through cameraOverlay in UIImagePi... 0.00
What to do to improve this jumping code? 0.00
Updating a UILabel in a UITableViewCell in realtime 0.00
Creating an array of CLLocationCoordinates 0.00
Custom photo editor's View Controller 0.00
Calculator Decimal Point +1.98
change the title for viewController into tabbarController +0.44
Why isn't my UILabel getting set? +0.46
How to disable Navigation bar for some ViewController +0.46
UIButton touch down action not called when touch down but called wh... +0.43
Python tic tac toe game +0.54
Month and week day language on a real device 0.00
UICollectionView working on iOS7 but not on iOS6 +0.45
Remove subview from view -1.99
Hiding button while its triggered method is running +0.45
Use UISwitch to Hide UIViewContoller? +1.78
Is there a way to see if a vue is being displayed again after popVi... 0.00
add subview to subclassed UITextField not showing 0.00
error maddage: expected expression? 0.00
UITabBarController without NavigationController? -0.07
Pygame - Collision detection with two CIRCLES 0.00
I'm trying to implement infinite scrolling into my UITableViewContr... 0.00
Simple QuickSort Algorithm giving Stack Overflow Error? +0.29
How to combine two UIImages of difference size without altering the... +0.10
Keeping a footer on screen in UICollectionView during an Add 0.00
objective c compiler error +1.46
How to solve dictionary changed size during iteration in Python -0.55
solving fully parenthesized expressions with recursion +1.15
What are the possible reasons why -(void)tableView:(UITableView *)t... +0.26