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1535.96 (13,675th)
16,237 (8,590th)
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Title Δ
Fibonacci sequence in python using generator -0.42
Transform date format keeping its type python 0.00
Python Pandas GroupBy Aggregate Collect_List Collect_Set 0.00
Pandas : Two 'isin', one condition 0.00
pd transpose multiple rows into single column +0.45
Regular expression get only one match 0.00
How would I Recursively get unique items out of nested lists? +1.67
Getting the indexes of each element in a list of lists and making a... -1.18
Python: Assign one element from a list to elements in other list 0.00
how do i append two nested list into single nested list in python +0.80
Accessing numpy array with list of logical indices prints the list... 0.00
Concatenate strings in nested list based on index -0.80
Python - Adding a key to an array, counting objects in child -1.50
Python Panda DataFrame add column headers to data from clipboard dy... 0.00
Boolean search on two columns Python 0.00
Weekday name from a pandas dataframe Date object +0.45
Excel Vlookup Formula -2.20
Create new column with categorical variables based on date range +2.25
I want to understand the concept of list comprehension in python +0.18
Change Datatype in Pandas Dataframe Column 0.00
How do I pick out strings with certain extension from a tuple list... +1.25
Query about Split() function in python 0.00
Implement custom max function -1.24
replace just first biggest value of dataframe line in pandas? +0.77
Python get all values that is a word from 2nd column from .csv file -0.52
How to replace whitespaces with underscore and underscore with whit... +0.86
How to duplicate characters in a string (in place) with python? -0.17
ValueError while extracting data form a dataframe using boolean con... 0.00
SQL UPDATE in python string substitution partially works -0.06
Appending two dataframes - AttributeError: 'NoneType' objec... 0.00
raise exception with set(list).difference and conditional statement -0.99
How to create a new row for each comma separated value in pandas +1.72
Sampling a function in python 0.00
eval throws "TypeError: unhashable type: 'numpy.ndarray... -0.58
Python datetime simplify 24hour time and total dataframe 0.00
N most repeated and least repeated words from text file +0.46
How to transform a dictionary into a list in Python 3 +0.45
How to make a custom confusion matrix using pandas 0.00
How to create a column in a pandas data frame depending of other co... +0.91
Create many distribution plots using For loop with seaborn +0.45
Replacing missing date in data frame, shall i use zero, minimum dat... -0.54
Find the "n" largest elements in a Python 'list'... -0.05
Converting huge sets of data (dictionary) to tables -0.15
Creating new cumulative list of lists from existing list -0.75
Python: filtering in nested list comprehension 0.00
finding index/location of value in 1D NumPy array (with identical v... -0.44
Python While Loop does not execute -0.54
Assign value number in char of alphabet in Python -0.15
Creating list of list based on index and value 0.00
Load data from paramiko into pandas 0.00