An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1507.47 (104,330th)
655 (219,556th)
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Title Δ
How to setup the Output and Intermeidate directory in visual studio... -2.20
Constructor initialization Vs assignment +0.44
Is the following template specialization code non-standard or a bug... -4.11
Turn off regions in VS2010 C++ 0.00
including DDK headers 0.00
When full build and when partial build? 0.00
Compile-time assert on datatype sizes +1.32
Is this clock tick suitable on Intel i3? +2.09
Implimenting single script build - non-portable dependencies +3.63
Visual Studio 2010 plugin to show current file EOL style -0.32
Visual Studio Directory Settings For Multiple Projects 0.00
Where can I find script that convert VC++ inline assembler to intri... +2.01
C++ how to pass values from one structure to another? -0.82
Need a recommendation for a C++ GUI library +3.91
Windows bug check callback not called on 64 bit systems 0.00
C++ memory leak auto detection library +2.46
Deploy VS2010 Extension (VSIX) and register new file extension on w... 0.00
C++ - Can massive nested loops cause the linker to run endlessly wh... -0.94