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1473.59 (4,513,967th)
455 (294,715th)
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Title Δ
Can / should I use the ranges library to emulate set functions? -0.12
Combining predicates in a functional way and allowing short-circuit... +2.40
Why type constructors can not be used in typeclass definition in ha... +2.48
How to delete blocks in vim using search and delete option -1.29
ranges::views::group_by-like function applying predicate to consecu... 0.00
What TAB completion is triggering the insertion of the include stat... 0.00
Most terse and reusable way of wrapping template or overloaded func... 0.00
What is the difference between "using namespace Bar" and... +0.19
How do I copy the strings in a vector<pair<string, int>>... +0.25
Intended invalid intialization from rvalue using *this 0.00
Insert new text at every X line using vi editor -0.63
Haskell extract hostname from URLType 0.00
Bash: How to get some lines from a file and save output to another... -0.16
Remove a particular character and newline using sed -0.74
What does this std::upper bound exactly do in this code? +2.42
How to fast change focus between tabs in neovim? -0.46
View output of process redirected to dev/null - undo redirection 0.00
Can I get name / reference to specialization value inside template... 0.00
Understanding comment from the errata about Item 41 of EMC++ 0.00
Using sed to add blank line at EOF +0.54
What's the difference between . and (.) in Haskell? +2.43
Polymorphic function that splits list or string at specific intervals 0.00
as-pattern and list pattern matching question 0.00
decltype on the variable of reference type with curly braces +2.77
Taking array as an input to function in Haskell 0.00
Understand the evaluation of the recursion (haskell) 0.00
How to sort a file by line length and then alphabetically for the s... +1.53
Haskell generic type parameters resolver tool or method 0.00
Why a std::array is not constant expression when it is the input of... -0.24
Efficient & safe intersection of more than two sets +0.55
What to assign a variable that I don't want to be equal to any... -0.70
Lists of lists with foldl and replace elements that have occured be... -1.13
Template argument deduction for implicit pair -1.72
Apply a Function to every element in a list -0.01
Is a parameter type with `T&&` in it and `T` deduced always... -1.37
Copy vector of vectors into 1D array -1.52
Determine the return value type of a function inside itself +2.65
How to interpret Associativity/Precedence in Haskell -1.17
Class template parameter type deduction inside another class scope 0.00
is there a way to directly open a terminal in a vertical split in v... 0.00
Extract longest connected subvector fullfilling a condition 0.00
How do I display the contents of a std::vector of my own datatype a... +0.35
What does the parenthesis do in the vim custom key bindings? 0.00
Enforcing a regex to be wrapped with quotation marks from both side... +0.05
What happens when I use tac and/ or rev to the bits of the file? 0.00
How do I declare an arbitrary depth of pair of pairs? -0.30
Elegant way to combine multiple filtering functions in Haskell +1.91
C++ table with names of data types 0.00
Re-index two digit strings based on occurrence of a common string +0.32
Consecutive pairs with recursion on haskell -0.31