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1557.28 (5,981st)
120,052 (545th)
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Title Δ
What does the type "char *const *args" mean in the parame... 0.00
String concatenation without libraries in C 0.00
Overall efficiency of fprintf and stdout 0.00
How to Return Values From thread Back to main() 0.00
Is else...if statement in C equals to else { if }? 0.00
How can I transform a char array to a string representing its value... 0.00
MISRA2004-12_8-3 rule has static analysis violation for RHS operand... 0.00
Isr is called all the time, even with no data sent to UART 0.00
Problems of including too many header files in C 0.00
How to pass array of char arrays to function by reference? 0.00
What does `double (* data)[5];` mean? 0.00
Try to pass an array of int in a custom function, doens't get t... 0.00
How to pass a comparator to a C function? 0.00
Thread safe queue implementation (or alternative data structure) 0.00
How do you take the address of an inverted compound litteral in C? 0.00
Interview question - How to continuosly read a buffer without losin... 0.00
I couldn't understand the source code of Humidity & Tempera... 0.00
How to convert a list of multiple integers into a single integer in... 0.00
Why does the typeof function not working in C 0.00
Implementation specific behavior when casting a pointer to a data t... 0.00
Is there a formal way to zeroize in CANopen 0.00
C: pointer to a function that returns pointer to an integer 0.00
Macro evaluation at compile time? 0.00
Is it better for performance to have alignment padding at the end o... 0.00
API in C to mimic a function returning an array 0.00
What is in the address of main? 0.00
To speed up C-code random selection with further modification array 0.00
uint8_t array return is causing errors using all scenarios (**, *,... 0.00
Counting bits of ones in Byte by time Complexity O(1) C++ code 0.00
Perform Certain task of LED blink on atmega328p 0.00
Sending events (async data) in CANopen with more than 8 bytes of data 0.00
Why the type of "errno" in C is `int` rather than `unsign... 0.00
I need a help on extracting scores of each team from this array, bu... 0.00
Passing #define to a void * function 0.00
Passing function as an argument to the same function 0.00
How to cast unsigned integer to enum using CMSIS API 0.00
Is it safe to do something like foo(x, &x)? 0.00
Why is #pragma considered a preprocessor directive? 0.00
printf struct like an array C 0.00
Is it possible to find the address of the end of an array with a re... 0.00
uintptr_t and intptr_t in C language 0.00
Why do I need for a c program exactly four steps 0.00
How do you convert '\0' to const void*? 0.00
How to get rid of C macro -Wshift-count-overflow warning 0.00
How to read out a #define macro in C? 0.00
C dynamic array inproper figures 0.00
Don't fully understand the output of very small C program using... 0.00
Can I dynamically cast a function argument? 0.00
Is it possible to use for loop with misleading syntax? 0.00
how to solve E0852 "expression must be a pointer to a complete... 0.00