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1548.24 (8,486th)
3,292 (51,326th)
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Title Δ
In what ways does explicit package main perform differently than an... 0.00
How can I wrap require and use? +1.24
Is there anyway to tell what features a package has enabled? 0.00
How to get cell formats from XLSX files in Perl? 0.00
List all variables loaded by 'require' function 0.00
Perl : version->parse with invalid input 0.00
Perl - Join Elements of array till a specified length +2.72
Advanced searching for functions in @INC -1.14
Perl fire-and-forget HTTP request -1.63
Why is the Perl "doesn't match" operator not working... 0.00
How to disable perl's garbage collector? +0.33
bash command to remove new lines if condition on the next line is met +0.43
Delete spaces around specific tags in an html file in shell -0.80
how to read the value of specific tag within an xml using perl +0.32
Changing Perl @ISA dynamically? +0.18
Find the first instance of weekday in Perl -0.53
XML created from JSON is not correctly nested using perl +0.88
Mojo $c->reply->exception vs die? 0.00
Getopts to flag bad options without dash -0.83
perl strftime localtime minus 12 hours -1.13
Some string values ("0", "", and " ")... 0.00
Elasticsearch searching with perl client 0.00
How to sanitize input from open files in Perl -0.07
How do I redirect in a Mojo::Exception check block? +1.80
Meaning of the perl syntax construction involving a comma -0.62
Perl variable assignment side effects -0.84
Convert filetime to GMT in Perl -0.64
debug subroutine only printing first entry in array of hashes in perl 0.00
Perl XML to Hash drop last xml node and force an array +0.42
Printing UTF8 in Perl? 0.00
Email::Sender how to attach file in Perl? 0.00
Perl regular expression (regex) fails when I make it optional +0.24
How can I use a random redis command for redisbloom -0.11
Perl multi-byte character encoding for HTML -1.35
How to remove starting newlines or the starting new from a binary f... +1.87
Matching consecutive characters from a string using regex -0.04
Command line perl print lines between patterns only for a last match +1.51
Import raku's `dir` function into Perl +0.94
perl regex to get comma not in parenthesis or nested parenthesis -1.04
How can I force perl to process args ONLY from stdin and not from a... -1.41
Can I inject a perl sub in a package? -1.35
Append resulted data to scalar variable in Parallel::ForkManager Perl -1.57
perl - package name: Can I use path from root? +2.71
How can I set a default file handle in a perl subroutine signature? +0.67
Perl Split Long Substitution Regex Over Multiple Lines -0.87
Is there a Perl strict symbol resolution syntax for functions? 0.00
How to fetch key-value from array of hashes in perl -1.31
Converting hex into UTF8 not working as expected in perl 0.00
What is the significance of ";" when defining formal para... 0.00
What is the right way to install IO::Socket::SSL using Carton and c... 0.00