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Rating Stats for

Brent Washburne

1446.11 (4,357,013th)
9,214 (16,714th)
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Title Δ
How to set an initial state using the useState hook -1.54
xAxis hides after resize in react rechart 0.00
Check if a Node in a Binary Tree got 0 Children 0.00
Create object array based on value of another object array -0.56
Nodejs: Sequelize and json +0.07
Error when parsing XML document using xmltodict python 0.00
node fetching json from url -1.63
Not prime numbers contains only 2,3,5,7 optimization 0.00
Fastest hash of booleans and integers? -1.22
Fastest hash of booleans and integers? +1.28
How do I form multiple pipelines with generators? -0.18
How to authenticate API endpoints Google App Engine Python? +0.07
Bootstrapping data for Google App Engine local database 0.00
How to show a warning message when user leaves without saving changes 0.00
GAE: Update the content a web page automatically 0.00
How do I iterate over an array of objects and check if an attribute... 0.00
Match Making using GAE + ndb +0.55
Insert and shift matrix n*n 0.00
How to return False when using issubset and an empty set -0.90
How do coroutines in Python compare to those in Lua? +0.57
Python Project Euler digit fifth powers -0.44
How can I add/change the parent of an entity after it has been crea... 0.00
Google App Engine request logs are duplicated with small time diffe... -0.42
GAE: Efficiently querying entities and their referenced entities +0.49
Is there a maximum character length for a someobject.key.urlsafe()? 0.00
Group a List of Python Dictionaries -0.44
pretty printing JSON with padding in python 0.00
Create a POST service in app engine with python +0.03
Several questions about NDB keys 0.00
Modify function to use list comprehision in Python -1.08
How do I find the date format ? +0.59
shortest way to find the biggest number with only 2 comparisons -0.58
How do i split a python list element without creating a sublist -0.78
Best way to initialize datastore w/ related entities 0.00
Google App Engine: How to serve a static file from a RequestHandler? 0.00
Best approach for caching lists of objects in memcache -1.71
how to use recursion to nest dictionaries while integrating with ex... +0.57
Cartesian product of multiple lists of dictionaries +0.07
combine two list and sort recursively -0.25
Most efficient way to find total files of certain format that exist... +0.07
Slightly change the Bresenham/midpoint circle algorithm for nicer r... 0.00
How to create an equivalent of a background thread for an auto-scal... +0.49
Finding the Period of a Pattern in a List 0.00
N-Queens Display 1 Random Solution 0.00
Python Regex : Match a particular string and space or coma before +0.20
Assigning weights to identify pages 0.00
Routing table optimization 0.00
A button to show the chosen option 0.00
Send data to view from controller function in AngularJS +0.56
Angular: What is the best way for storing objects in service for sh... 0.00