An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Brian Liang

1503.08 (326,301st)
5,702 (28,756th)
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Title Δ
Compiler error with LLVM Xcode Version 4.6.1 (4H512) 0.00
iOS UITabBar : Remove top shadow gradient line 0.00
iOS - a way to browse sqlite database -4.61
cells in collection view are not visible -4.00
Add a storyboard view as a subview of a programmatically created view -4.18
How to check if an object is derived from an interface? -2.82
Getting different results on Windows Phone 7 Device vs Emulator 0.00
Event Handling and MVVM 0.00
Synthesize in Objective C -0.64
LocationToViewportPoint issue 0.00
UITabBarController Like Apple's Remote App 0.00
iPad WebApp that simulates swipe slider -0.57
What is the best way to communicate between two process with C#? +4.31
Is it allowed to change the background of an UISearchBar? +4.08
UITableViewCell, dequeue and autorelease? 0.00
Organizing Objective-C source files +3.92
Method triggered by Change in orientation +4.32
jquery validation problem -0.69
MSI Install Package +3.91
Are there use-ready Ticket Systems for iphone app developers? -1.77
Google Calendar API for Django? 0.00
WPF Slider layer issue -0.06
C puzzle: Output of printf should be '5' always +0.21
jquery loop each first td in every row -3.35
c library function to get number of active threads -3.65
Getting the url's of all open tabs with jQuery/Javascript? -2.01
Login Issue ASP.NET -4.37
Can I increment a char* passed to a function? -2.51
MySQL Performance inquiry -3.99
Can not debug the SharePoint +3.84 MVC form Validation -1.42
why is my first RoR app on Dreamhost running so slow? +3.72
Logging an invalid login 0.00
Rewriting a php app in CakePHP +0.58
quicksort in C++ is slow +1.81
log4net - any filter for logging only the Nth message? 0.00
C++ Socket programming Windows +3.76
"Must have" Visual Studio addons -2.65
jQuery XML parsing with namespaces +3.84
How can I make this javascript easier to read, maintain, and unders... +2.54
Conversion between managed and unmanaged types in C++? -2.09
Control-F5 Browser Refresh (Flash object not refreshing) +3.70
question about Arrays -1.70
Best way to handle memory allocation in C? +3.27
Can anyone recommend a good resource for learning VHDL? +2.39
Breadth First Vs Depth First -4.21
What's the difference between these two classes? +2.49
What is a context switch? +4.19
What do I need to run ASP.NET web applications on my personal machi... -3.95
SharePoint: Make a list field hidden programmatically -1.83