An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1549.57 (8,077th)
27,254 (4,635th)
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Title Δ
Does str.replace() have a time complexity O(n^2)? 0.00
Number of ways to divide an array into two subsets of equal sum 0.00
A query on a BST that takes neither maximum nor minimum time 0.00
Split a set of size N into M groups with minimum difference between... 0.00
Find the longest anagram with array javascript 0.00
generate unique string of length n without prefilled dictionary +0.43
What's the worst-case space complexity for the All Paths Sum pr... 0.00
Algorithm to find first sum of an array within a range 0.00
Algorithm help :Given a num, can it finally be 1 0.00
Python list.sort() and sorted() equivalent 0.00
Space complexity comparison between recursion and dynamic programmi... -0.48
Calculating rate or percentage over certain amount of operations wi... 0.00
Stack Level Too Deep for Merge Sort in Ruby 0.00
How to get maximum height of piled boxes? +0.41
Minimum Jumps required from given number to 1 0.00
QuickSort - Worst case input example when pivot is in the middle po... 0.00
Optimal way ( less than O(n^2) ) to check for number of triplets wh... -0.50
Can I assign a lambda to itself without infinite recursion? 0.00
Josephus Sequence on large k +1.67
MYSQL Batch insert but assign unique personalized label -0.58
How to store random integers from the set of 32-bit integers in a c... -1.25
Algorithm for finding lowest memory order of operations 0.00
amortized analysis and one basic question (is there any simple exam... 0.00
Interleave two unsorted arrays to get the lexicographically maximal... 0.00
Armstrong/Narcisstic number for base 16/hex +1.66
Dividing array so sum of subarray maximums is minimised +1.05
Maximum sum of strictly increasing susequence of size 4 0.00
Counting integer tuples with specific property 0.00
Sort Thousands of Chuck E. Cheese Tickets -1.25
What is the difference between a Turing Machine and an Algorithm? +0.43
Find all combination of numbers having sum N and includes exactly K... 0.00
Given an array of numbers. At each step we can pick a number like N... 0.00
Check if a tree is symmetric (about its center) possibly without us... +0.75
Why redis command ‘LLEN’ has constant time complexity instead of O(... 0.00
Codingame : A child's play +0.43
Minimal range electric car needs to have to pass through every city -0.58
Python fast way to filter lines based on a list of keywords +0.04
How to find the xth decibinary number? 0.00
Number of ways to distribute N items to three peoples under given c... +2.29
Get all possible valid positions of ships in battleship game 0.00
Best parse tree given spans using maximum sum 0.00
Binary search for a fraction 0.00
Refactor function with nested for loop - Javascript -2.18
Fastest algorithm for Kth smallest Element (or median) finding on 2... +1.21
Speed up search for the smallest x such that f(x) = target -0.58
Cheat Proof Online Poker Encryption Algorithm -0.07
How to optimize an algorithm to find similar strings with fuzzywuzz... +0.44
Identifying non-intersecting (super-)sets 0.00
Is this iterative implementation of merge sort correct? -1.32
Range queries on a binary string? +1.72