An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1669.48 (331st)
31,524 (3,807th)
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Title Δ
htaccess how to short url with get 0.00
How to match regex for code between curly brackets 0.00
Htaccess rewrite with parameter value -1.66
How to add a header to awk output? -0.68
htaccess not rules with index and another page with param 0.00
Remove specific number of digits using sed +0.41
Forbid access to directory, but not alias? 0.00
User friendly URL for separate folder in website in php 0.00
.htaccess How to redirect to index.html with params but the param v... 0.00
Redirecting specific parameter to a subdirectory using .mod_rewrite 0.00
Error come with seo friendly url using .htaccess 0.00
How to keep original jpg in addressbar after RewriteRule 0.00
htaccess: how to stop it after first match -1.69
Printing and separating columns in awk 0.00
Grep only the matched values from the Input +2.27
Bash try to count number of occurence? -0.05
how to write 301 redirect rule when urls have the same base 0.00
In file B find patterns from file A and replace with patterns from... +1.17
Insert spaces in specific field -0.17
Only returning matching patterns aginst file with grep 0.00
using 'awk in awk' -1.85
how to discard the last field of the content of a file using awk co... +0.35
Can I use HTACCESS to format this URL? +2.38
Apache mod_rewrite path to query string for specific path format 0.00
How to retain numbers in string in shell? 0.00
Apache redirectMatch, add query string 0.00
htaccess rewrite URL to we... 0.00
regex to remove last two letters in a number and word string -1.81
sed to operate on a range of lines plus a single line 0.00
get path from mount with sed +0.19
Rewrite rules array hide the category from url 0.00
Grep and awk use -1.65
manipulation of date fields in multiple file using bash in GNU/Linux +1.36
First RewriteRule is being ignored 0.00
Unix: multi and single character delimiter in cut or awk commands -2.34
PHP regex pattern modification needed +1.69
Why does page not load without file extension 0.00
htaccess mod_rewrite - rewrite folder and file to parameters 0.00
Word count and it output -1.35
AWK FPAT not working as expected for string parsing +0.09
Using sed to replace commas with dot without touching dates +0.91
How to remove strings from mid-row column values in unix -0.17
Linux word in column ends with 'a' +0.27
Extract strings between 2 texts enclosed between squared brackets -0.79
Use of if command in awk whithout entering new line 0.00
Pregex is not matching the correct pattern 0.00
Dask Add New Column Based on the Previous Column -0.23
.htaccess rewrite to redirect to subdirectory with variable 0.00
Replace URL parameter separator with .htaccess +2.39
www doesn't redirect to non www with https on 0.00