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Stefan Glienke

1643.50 (665th)
16,203 (8,627th)
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Title Δ
Spring4D TMultiMap maintain IEnumerable on the fly 0.00
Spring4D cannot sort an ordered dictionary 0.00
In Spring4D is it possible to register generic interfaces? 0.00
How to obtain GUID of interface passed as a generic parameter in De... 0.00
Storing generic type parameter for future usage 0.00
Managed record in generic type produce compile time error "Typ... 0.00
'Cannot capture symbol' error using an open array param ins... +0.26
Delphi TestInsight cant load the DLL +0.31
F2051 Unit was compiled with a different version (again) +1.64
Implementing an interface with partial delegation 0.00
Delphi How to check if an instance of IInterface is an IInvokable 0.00
Determining the order of the tests in DUnitX? 0.00
Error reading/writing to properties of generic type using RTTI 0.00
How to set up a Mock to test IF a method is called based on a condi... 0.00
Test in DUnitx with Delphi-Mocks passing private record 0.00
How to pass an enumeration type as parameter of a method? 0.00
Try to Invoke a Function tru RTTI; Invalid Typecast 0.00
What's the best way to re-index a TDictionary? 0.00
Delphi TDictionary with generics -2.13
Is it always safe to remove a published empty section? +1.87
How variables are catched inside anonymous method? 0.00
How to generate a GUID version 1 in Delphi? 0.00
What is the purpose of declaring typealias for generic type parameter +0.31
How to look into generic tList during Delphi debugging 0.00
Is there a Spring4D correspondent function to WillReturnDefault 0.00
How to pass a TComparer<T> class to a generic type in Delphi? +2.20
Why is my implementation of TCollections.CreateObservableList for i... 0.00
Why is Spring4D's IList<T> OnChanged event not fired when... 0.00
Get possible and present values from a tkSet type using RTTI 0.00
How to test update method with unit test 0.00
How to call a Generic procedure recursively with delphi and RTTI? +2.22
Is there any delayed MultiCast-Event, which is able to be interrupt... 0.00
How to pass a generic list as a parameter to generic method 0.00
Using function reference returned by RTTI method invocation 0.00
Delphi: Code eliminated by linker incorrectly 0.00
Constructor Dependency Injection alternatives +0.31
How can I mock Date and Now? +0.30
DynArraySize() works correctly only up to arrays of 649 integer ele... 0.00
Does Delphi Generics support Lower / Upper Type Bounds? 0.00
Pass TDateTime value to OleVariant property through RTTI 0.00
Unsatisfied constructor on type 0.00
Spring4D latest not compatible with DSharp? 0.00
How to assign an OleVariant with RTTI? // Convert an OleVariant or... +1.74
An object in a TObjectList is not freed when a TObjectList.Clear is... 0.00
TXMLDocument.Active := False causes FastMM4 errormessage "Fast... 0.00
How to handle "false" / expected memory in DUnit using Le... 0.00
Is there a way to get GUID from a generic constraint type? 0.00
Memory issues when using spring.Nullable with DUnitX 0.00
Using pointers and resourcestring +1.50
Delphi generic control possible? 0.00