An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Steve Chan

1501.21 (406,209th)
1,436 (113,337th)
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Title Δ
TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined at Obje... -4.10
prevent passing other hidden dropdown field with same name in get m... +3.40
PHP : Array Insertions and Display -2.15
Calling ajax inside ajax html return prevents first ajax script fro... -2.11
Angular.js stops working anytime the Web Developer console in Firef... -0.16
Blueimp File Upload: single file upload 0.00
How to prevent a browser from going back/forward in history when sc... +2.17
Unexpected token < with jQuery -1.10
How to use a jQuery .load() call from anchor tag in dynamic content +3.99
Dreamweaver - Using Regex to Remove CSS elements 0.00
Backbone-forms.js - how to render submit button in example from the... +3.87
bing web search Api phonegap android 0.00
Javascript script to find gibberish words in form inputs -4.13
Bing Search & Bing API: Country-specific queries 0.00
How to change order of sub-nav in buddypress 0.00
offsetTop vs. jQuery.offset().top 0.00
How to disable Ctrl+V (Paste) with jQuery 0.00
Animation options HTML5 Canvas/CSS3/jQuery 0.00
Wordpress php mysql LIKE query not working 0.00
Get information from a web page (title, pictures, heads, etc...) +1.53
Load Rendered Content, Jquery Templates or Bigpipe? Building a comp... 0.00
Does google maps api support "suggestions"? 0.00
phonegap doesn't work 0.00
How do I prevent site scraping? 0.00
Combining and Compressing multiple JavaScript files in php 0.00
Validate email address in JavaScript? 0.00