An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1503.45 (315,545th)
1,846 (90,271st)
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Title Δ
Exception patterns must be at the top level of a match case 0.00
How to define reusable constants? 0.00
When to use piping |> versus arguments +3.56
How to prevent F# Interactive from automatically opening on right-c... 0.00
Adding a list of numbers based on an operator -3.75
Type mismatch -- works in F# interactive, but not in a real F# proj... +4.23
Avoid mutation in this example in F# -0.48
How to parse/deserialize a JSON string in C# XAML Windows 8 Metro A... -4.19
XAML make animation smooth 0.00
How To Create A Bottom Or Top AppBar in Windows Store App Using C#? 0.00
Full Screen Grid View 0.00
GridView does not refresh changes to items when using LayoutAwarePa... 0.00
Converting web app files to UTF-8 for Windows 8 Apps 0.00
Windows Store Apps ListView DataTemplate 0.00
Unknown member 'SortDescriptions' on element 'CollectionViewSource' 0.00
slider control and textblock control interaction-Metro apps 0.00
XAML Animation : Using animation to show or hide controls 0.00
Handling different orientations while developing Windows 8 Store ap... +4.00
Changing border color when a control is selected with c# on windows... +4.09
UserControl inside ContentControl with nested width/height -2.67
Can't handle Button Click in Popup 0.00
Create an image that will transform into another upon being clicked... 0.00
Debugging Windows Store application on local machine 0.00
SkyDrive & Visual Studio 2012 syncing issues 0.00
How to have DesignTime data in WinRT XAML? 0.00
Column breaks in mulicolumn text in Windows 8 XAML 0.00
Simple application architecture advice -3.19
Transaction error with Microsoft Lightswitch using Oracle database 0.00
Visual Studio/ReSharper: How to wrap long lines with commas before... 0.00
What is the best way of representing an immutable list in .NET? 0.00
Can Visual Studio Lightswitch connect to an oracle database? 0.00
Problems using FluentNHibernate + SQLite with .NET4? +4.01
How does ASP.NET MVC Generate JsonResults? +4.22
Fluent NHibernate - how to configure for oracle? 0.00
Good or bad practice, using regular html in view -3.13
Passing multiple parameters to controller in ASP.NET MVC; also, gen... -3.24
How can I include SessionID in log files using log4net in ASP.NET? 0.00
Is there any way to 'hide' a JavaScript file from IntelliSense in V... 0.00
Can you use Microsoft Entity Framework with Oracle? 0.00
Speed difference in using inline strings vs concatenation in php5? 0.00