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1659.76 (432nd)
278,423 (136th)
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Title Δ
Get rid of special characters from perl string 0.00
"no autovivication" pragma fails with grep in Perl -0.19
Perl: assignment within scalar and string matching (regex) 0.00
what is the most elegant way to manipulate an arbitrary unicode cha... -0.14
Converting unpack code from perl to python 0.00
Perl match keyword until empty space -0.98
Perl system command returns "mkdir /tmp/test.xxxxx: No such fi... +0.83
How to fetch key of a hash through values in Hash of Arrays 0.00
Convert json to csv with only selected keys +0.87
What is the easiest way to run bash dependent dockerfiles on windows? 0.00
How can I disable constant folding in Perl? +1.19
Why does perl use \g1 for backreferences and everyone else uses \1? 0.00
Apache not executing a 'do' include function in included pe... -1.36
Why does comparison of floating-point to infinity work? -1.98
Perl - evaluation order of list elements, with assignment inside th... 0.00
In Perl , How to generate All Possible Patterns , +1.51
How an integer number is converted to binary in a "computer&qu... -2.41
I need to Select an id when a date matches a query 0.00
Extract the valid portions of a mostly JSON file -1.57
perl die if a variable is set to undef, correct? +1.08
How to capture multiple regex groups separated by logical AND insid... +0.22
how to rename multiple files in a folder with a specific format? pe... 0.00
Why js console prints the correct value, but also undefined? -0.22
The statements inside the label executes even if the condition fail... -2.20
Cleanup Perl script should not delete a directory that is symlinked... 0.00
running perl from python without hardcoding location -1.88
How to do chained regex in Perl? -0.53
Perl Error - Global symbol requires explicit package name 0.00
Inline - Accessing python variables from python in perl 0.00
Why is my program getting stuck in my do while loop? 0.00
Set predefined range of a counter in Tabletop Simulator -0.58
Inline Python, not able to read stdout/sdterr from python to perl 0.00
Thread-local storage in struct -0.34
Can't resolve scalars from Perl arrays 0.00
How to make perl Makefile.PL use a given C compiler when compiling... +1.25
find a hash value which points to another hash value -1.56
perl: using Digest::SHA3, using basic example from online, the bit... 0.00
perl sorting according to multiple columns (order of column matters) -2.39
Undefined subroutine &main::header called at /opt/alu-rp/www/cg... 0.00
Compiler doesn't free memory after exiting a block? -0.34
Usage of zd vs lu for sizeof -2.65
Need to understand perl reference by clarifying these 4 patterns 0.00
Is there a succinct list of all perl stateful operators and modifie... +0.27
How can I specify the WE8MSWIN1252 encoding in Perl? 0.00
Filtering out login logs from Gitlab production_json.log with jq 0.00
What is the alignment of data on the stack? 0.00
The smartmatch operator is not working as expected -2.44
Pretending an Autoloaded Function has a Block Prototype 0.00
Let perl print multiple matches starting at the same position -1.98
jq select filter chain 0.00