An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Aaditya Ura

1351.38 (4,409,291st)
4,872 (33,963rd)
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Title Δ
Graph disconnected: cannot obtain value for tensor "x" Te... 0.00
How to extract elements from nested dict 0.00
Pandas : How to split a column into multiple columns by separator? 0.00
MPEG Audio Constant bit rate conversion 0.00
Pandas : Mapping one column values using other dataframe column +0.48
Is there a way to check if any of list elements are in a string and... -0.65
How to split consecutive elements in a list into sublists -0.76
how to end a loop when a random number reaches 0 -1.01
How can I generate a list starting with the first value in a range? +0.32
TF Estimator: Can't Load *.pb from Saved Model 0.00
List in Python avoid only the first negative element +0.48
Sentiment analysis of sets of documents using pretrained embeddings +0.85
LSTM / Pretrained word embedding - Positive/Negative review predict... 0.00
How to understand the 'viterbi_decode' in tensorflow +0.70
How to return a count of values in a list of lists -0.90
Select n items by sequence of a list repeatedly in python -0.06
Merge list into sparse list efficiently -1.00
python findall regex expression +0.06
Selecting more than one random item in a list of cards +0.13
Python: Cast Dictionary to Tuple implicit by calling a method +0.21
Tensorflow : NotFoundError: No such file or directory 0.00
Accessing JSON File with Multiple Hierarchical Layers -0.34
Remove only a certain part of a sentence in quotations -0.90
Creating a new list out of a dictionary that is sorted based on the... +0.55
Sorting and swapping tuples/tuple values in Python -0.96
Multiple Input types in a keras Neural Network +0.22
Tensorflow dataset with changing batch size to compute test loss du... -1.00
Does creating a tuple of a set in python always result in the same... -0.30
Python replace a string with wild characters +0.60
I am building a chatbot in python. I am having trouble running the... +0.70
Replace string elements, using their index, by a list of strings -0.10
generating files using python by reading a text file? 0.00
How to concatenation string value with every line in text file Python +1.83
Merge two dictionaries based on similarity excluding a key -0.95
I want to replace dictionary's value +0.70
Extract file name with a regular expression -1.20
Python keep only alphanumeric words from list -0.36
Extracting list from string -0.71
Divide a list into two lists one from minimum to maximum and the ot... -0.30
need to get dictionary that is a list of other dictionaries 0.00
Nested insersion/creation of dictionary -0.05
Make complex dictionary from two arrays of keys 0.00
Finding a strings that contain different substrings -0.31
Converting Python Dictionary to List [complex] +0.08
Regex filter items in list to have only those items which DO contai... -0.82
Understanding next step after saving TensorFlow model +0.20
Tensorflow : What is actually tf.nn.dropout output_keep_prob? -0.28
Can I produce two sums from a single python dictionary comprehensio... -1.08
Regular expression strategy for newbies -0.89
Nested List Comprehensions Example -0.12