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Jesper Juhl

1505.01 (122,191st)
16,850 (8,181st)
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Title Δ
Why does my measurement shows that a process consumes more CPU time... 0.00
Could Structure contains parameters? +1.41
Why does c++ compiler not warn about returning reference to local v... 0.00
Use boost::asio without linking to OpenSSL -0.02
Is there any universal path of CPU temperature and fan speed inform... -0.26
How to end the program from a function which is called in another f... -0.31
Why is the constructor of std::in_place_t defaulted and explicit? +2.19
Passing a vector by const rerefence and adding an element to the ve... +0.49
What happens when std::iterator is accessed outside its boundary(en... 0.00
Why can delete operator be used in const context? -1.43
Storing dynamic array in vector -1.93
What are the drawbacks of having unused classes left in a c++ proje... +1.38
Drawing an arc in C++ Graphics.h 0.00
How to measure thread time for progress bar? 0.00
How can I use a library compiled with MSVC 14.0 in the Qt framework... 0.00
Openmp program works without critical section 0.00
What counts as an array with no initialization? 0.00
One thread sets member while the other loops over it - Is this thre... +1.11
Can a Qt Application close another already launched application? +0.50
How to specify a remote preprocessor include path like +1.69
Does the embedded "new" in the following code cause a mem... -1.41
Is it possible to share data between native C++ modules? +0.50
how to add new functions to a class whose implementation is not acc... +1.87
Why are std::begin and std::end "not memory safe"? -0.04
C++ Class member is nullpointer +2.67
How to convert 32 bit .so file to 64 bit .so file for android +0.51
std::String resizing doesnt change address 0.00
Core-Dump under Windows? 0.00
Remove the duplicate elements in-place, given a sorted vector with... -0.13
Using the const keyword in header and class files functions C++ 0.00
Inserting a node in nth position in a linked list -2.15
C++ compiler error when running code (seg fault core dumped) 0.00
Does passing fundamental values by const reference really hurt perf... -0.29
How to sort std::pair first only? 0.00
Why is a member not getting zero-initialized in this example? -1.05
Why can I not make the object m1? +0.49
Disable default class member initialization before constructor code -0.81
Do threads sleep when waiting on a locked mutex? -1.60
How to let my compiler more stupid (wrong index)? -1.48
Is auto* useful at compile time or is the auto keyword enough? +1.11
Can I call a derived class constructor from a base class? +1.32
Is the default constructor not called when declaration and assignme... -1.02
Detect a 2d collision in C++ 0.00
Is this a good use/code of arrays with pointers in C++? -1.61
SDL_image Can't load .png file with IMG_LoadTexture() 0.00
Consequence of Process not calling shm_unlink -0.49
Autogenerate cases for a switch. Or another suggestion -0.53
Why isn't #pragma once automatically assumed? +1.02
The int wont change to anything except 0 +0.47
Why can I pass an int with a value higher than 127 into a char arra... +1.73