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Jesper Juhl

1505.01 (122,191st)
18,399 (8,181st)
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Title Δ
C++ auto iterator vector of class elements accession 0.00
How this line works? 0.00
Virtual functions with same name but different arguments and return... 0.00
Why is the copy assignment method not been called? 0.00
Why is member function call "ambiguous"? 0.00
How is it that adjusting a .ui file using Qt Creator can cause chan... 0.00
What operations on a c++ 11 atomic variable are actually atomic? 0.00
How do I use functions from Project 1 in Project 2? 0.00
How does closing a socket affects other's side read 0.00
Make command not producing an executable file 0.00
Why am I getting Segmentation fault: 11 in this code 0.00
Why can a function which takes a reference be given just an object... 0.00
Why would someone use int instead of bool data type? 0.00
Operators in C++ what does (::Type*)0 mean 0.00
"Warning: control reaches end of non-void function" in a... 0.00
size of pointers and architecture 0.00
Variable assignments when using if statements in C++ 0.00
Why answers won't show 0.00
How to have QLabel update as various numbered pushbuttons are clicked 0.00
Doubly Linked list - - Am I pointing node2 -> prev = null, after... 0.00
Synchronization between threads 0.00
The explanation behind the code if i'm using %s instead of %c i... 0.00
Implementing a 2d array for an object 0.00
Standard library version of clip function 0.00
Out of bounds pointer arithmetic not detected? 0.00
Function to return OpenGL #define error name from its hexadecimal v... 0.00
Data structure for efficient search 0.00
Deallocating all memory associated with a struct in C++ 0.00
Why storage space allocated and "normally" created arrays... 0.00
Should classes be final by default? 0.00
Purpose of the C++ keyword: &= (a.k.a. 'and_eq') 0.00
Question about accessing object method with vector iterator 0.00
Qt QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent access into incomplete type 0.00
My simple c++ calculator is not working as it should be 0.00
std::filesystem and std::experimental::filesystem problem in differ... 0.00
concatenate two vector from another vector 0.00
What's the reason for different output than expected for C++ pr... 0.00
Downloading a file via curl in c++ from dropbox 0.00
New values to the vector of const char* is not getting push_back() 0.00
is this iterator operation undefined in c++ 0.00
Is there a difference between declaring a global as part of the cla... 0.00
Clarification requested on putting class instances in array and usi... 0.00
Pointer Syntax Within Condition 0.00
Set class methods as functions defined externally 0.00
Is there a way to implicitly convert an enum class to std::byte? 0.00
Why are operating system kernels typically written in C or C++? 0.00
Who can explain this code ? Why it shows 1 0.00
Is there a way to loop through all elements of a vector in parallel... 0.00
Why don't we need objects to store string data? 0.00
How to update a variable and how to make have the updated value aft... 0.00