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Arif Burhan

1353.14 (4,409,290th)
423 (307,523rd)
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Title Δ
Can I converting text to outline svg image? 0.00
Run a Bash Script automatically upon login on Unix -0.06
Confusion with simple math in C++ -0.77
Fill a SVG shape with a linear-gradient -0.27
Fill a SVG shape with a linear-gradient -0.27
Wrong output when searching for prime numbers in given interval -0.40
C++ declaration error +0.22
How to replicate special characters in html ? -0.87
How to compile a program using static library libdl.a +0.20
nested structures using pointers - initialization and use -0.24
Two index increment in for loop -0.52
Why doesn't my simple C macro work? -1.08
reg expression with backslash and certain chars -0.29
-O2 optimizes printf("%s\n", str) to puts(str) -0.61
In a div, i want 1 item to be left aligned and the other right alig... -0.43
Execute program in C and don't wait it for finish +0.06
Make text spill into another column only after max-height reached +0.19
Get Angle of 2 vector3 -0.31
Comparing two strings/buffers in C possibly -0.42
How to fix this CSS advanced positioning issue? 0.00
How to change window level of an image on canvas using javascript 0.00
How to iterate over list of dictionaries in bash -0.91
Issue with FILE I/O and using data within -1.16
Issue with FILE I/O and using data within +1.09
function prototype declaration fails compilation -0.92
Hover-over div inside of a table +0.68
Can someone please explain to me how to set an image as my backgrou... +0.44
how to make border circle list with css 0.00
Assigning an address to a variable? -0.31
C++ - Invalid delete from valgrind -0.91
Typedef C Struct: invalid use of incomplete typedef -1.43
How to delete lines containing a string that is from another file? -1.00
Length of arbitrary array type in C function -0.88
two identical div id's, modifying only one -0.92
Adding integers to arrays in C++? -0.52
Adding integers to arrays in C++? -1.52
Table background image cutoff when using nowrap 0.00
JavaScript for loop in a function +0.18
How to use strcpy for pointers? -0.88
Animating SVG in IE 11+ 0.00
Reading file into a struct sometimes stops for no reason -0.31
Why does an unassigned int have a value? -0.50
Iterating through a pointer to pointers -0.93
Clipping / Masking element with SVG -1.09
If you have to put breaks in the if statements, why do we need to b... -0.87
How to check if string contains multiple spaces and returns in Java... +0.42
Javascript string after an expression -0.26
Reading numbers and characters from a file 0.00
C error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type, struct -0.76
Cat some specific line which count from bottom of text file 0.00