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Ian Roberts

1641.46 (659th)
107,388 (653rd)
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Title Δ
Tomcat 8: CORS filter doesn't work 0.00
How to refactor XSD so that unmarshalling does not return JAXBElement +0.33
Docker - cannot move file between volumes from java 0.00
XSL sorting on substrings where a value in an atribute tells where... 0.00
XSLT - placed self node text() to attribute +1.86
Apache Ant property value with interperter 0.00
How to implement MouseWheelListener for JPanel without breaking its... -0.43
How do I remove the xsi prefix in SOAP::Lite generated XML? 0.00
Order of resource loading in WAR -0.53
will the following JAPE rule override the existing annotation or ad... 0.00
Understanding xsl:copy with xsl:apply-templates (XSLT 2.0) +1.81
XMLStreamException: XML version "1.1" is not supported, o... +0.31
Java Annotations - how to create an array? -0.63
Add one to an xsl variable if there are one or more matching elements 0.00
Ant input called multiple times if used with ant-contrib foreach task 0.00
Run command as root within shell script +0.32
XSL namespace issues when transforming to an SVG file +1.76
Partial string search XQuery / XPath (As the LIKE statement in SQL) +0.31
java why not just executing 'xcopy /S $sourceDir/* $targetDir&#... +1.62
In Stream reduce method, must the identity always be 0 for sum and... -0.40
java.nio.file.Path cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced... 0.00
Getting a raw xml code from a single DOM element +0.32
XSLT 2.0 processor for Linux CLI / contains() function in XSLT 1.0 0.00
adding jars in classpath executing the main java class in unix -0.19
XSLT - write elements from text, then count nodes and add attribute... 0.00
Keytool creates key with wrong password 0.00
Cannot locate button web element with xpath using selenium +0.30
Importing classes from jar file in grails 0.00
concatenate variable values in xsl 0.00
How to use logical operator in xpath expression 0.00
Error with default Namespace 0.00
File-path from xPath-Object or Document-Object in Java -0.17
XSLT - add new node between numbers and text between content text -1.48
Cannot load Creole.xml GATE 0.00
Running .sh from Java code 0.00
How exactly do I interrupt a thread? +1.07
How to compare node attribute against node 0.00
Value of an attribute node with a concat in select 0.00
Count unique values in comma separated value in xslt 1.0 +0.30
Grails action is secured when I use run-app but not when .war is de... 0.00
Trying to write less_then symbol twice("<<") using... -0.15
Exclude a specific element from selection through XPath in mule-esb... +1.35
How to get preceding sibling count for this xml tag attribute value? -1.11
Using xpath to locate element with an underline in the name +1.32
XSL apply-templates output issues +0.30
value of select ignore one type of child 0.00
Substring before throwing error -0.20
why escape sequence can't be represented as unicodeEscape in ja... +1.09
BaseX XQuery error: root(): no context value bound +1.18
XQuery: Select a node in the context of a varaible +1.67