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Frank Puffer

1514.27 (46,279th)
6,695 (24,061st)
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Title Δ
Cyclomatic Complexity of multiple if statements 0.00
Architecture definition +1.51
How can a PDE be solved using a Neural Network? +0.48
Common utility methods 0.00
Unexpected output of inherited member function -2.38
TEXT to IMAGE converter in C++ without using any libraries 0.00
Should we always use a factory instead of creating an object using... +1.43
Random numbers with a gap +2.11
Find the area and the volume of the tetrahedron 0.00
Which is more efficient in a function: conditional execution or con... -0.71
How to find the convolution matrix? 0.00
Scaling of Continuous variables in logistic regression -0.03
Self referencing model - product with list of products 0.00
Why is the performance time graph of the Fibonacci function not smo... +1.96
Is it a good practice to use classes to store and list variables/me... 0.00
Reference another class using an index vs storing entire instance 0.00
The program exits with an error code when I choose matrix sizes big... +0.49
What is the correlation between system design and design patterns? -0.27
How to select every 2nd element of an array in a for loop? -0.18
Simple circle detection model 0.00
Why these two programs of same type giving different Outputs? +0.48
Is it possible to do unnecessary testing for numbers? +0.01
Objects in functional programming - Immutability -1.23
Computing powers of -1 -1.43
PPM scanning and printing 0.00
How to I include multiple ranges when running a random number gener... 0.00
Should I encapsulate id field with my own type? 0.00
C++ Compile Error (uninitialized in this function) 0.00
How do I document my code to understand how it flows (works)? +2.10
Polynomial LinkedList formatting 0.00
How to swap entries efficiently in an Integer ArrayList in java +0.22
What is Big O Notation's length measured in? -0.49
Why do we really need Comparator in Java? 0.00
Given a rectangular MATRIX(MxN) of integers, already charged, calcu... 0.00
Should I add a semi-colon at the end of a include statement? -0.50
Passing Constant Class as argument in function +0.50
Unacceptable conditional expression of class simple fraction +2.40
Is there a correct way of commenting code? 0.00
Clarification on /= operator -0.76
Mouse click to boolean +1.59
Calculating change in a program - Floating point error -0.31
Why is my java method not working? (help a newbie) +0.68
Machine learning, emphasize certain observations? 0.00
Splitting a string into sub-strings with split.String(""); -0.52
Can we compare machine learning and Evolutionary algorithms? 0.00
Vector Perpendicular to a Point +2.38
Why is the same group of cluster's datapoints falling far away... 0.00
Classifying handwritten digits with single layer perceptron 0.00
Calling private variables in a static method +0.49
OutOfBounds Exception with 2d Array +0.49