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Greg Rogers

1533.82 (15,061st)
27,634 (4,549th)
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Title Δ
How to decode ASN.1 to XML with erlang 0.00
What operations cause parallel code to run slowly? -0.41
Object is already initialized on declaration? -1.50
Automatically restarting Erlang applications +0.47
How do I get the sequence of numbers in a sorted-set that are betwe... 0.00
next_permutation for combinations or subsets in powerset +0.59
Concurrency: how does shared memory vs message passing handle large... -0.25
Interlocked and Memory Barriers +0.99
How do I get all permutations of xPy? +0.42
STL like container with O(1) performance +0.91
how does the stl's multimap insert respect orderings? +0.34
Wildcard search inside a Boost.MultiIndex data structure? -0.06
Do threads clean-up after themselves in Win32/MFC and POSIX? -0.90
Avoid casting from volatile static uint8_t to uint8_t in function c... -0.25
What is better for a message queue? mutex & cond or mutex&s... +0.45
Why are "long *" and "int *" not compatible in... -0.32
How to prevent Overloading? -1.81
Template Type Conversion +0.44
What would be the purpose of using the reference and dereference op... +1.91
Confusing function lookup with templates in C++ -0.81
Multiple fork() Concurrency +1.06
A little problem with BST implementation -0.05
Container with two indexes (or a compound index) +1.47
C++ w/ static template methods -1.20
C++: member pointer initialised? +0.93
Why would a virtual function be private? +0.85
Optimisation of division in gcc +0.93
"Generic" iterator in c++ +0.01
data structures for scheduling workflow? +0.49
template-ing a for loop in C++? -1.46
C++ SFINAE examples? -0.09
chain iterator for C++ +0.09
C++ Boost ptr_map serialization error +0.43
Pointer-to-Exception Clean-Up -0.05
Can you use C++ templates to specify a collection type and the spec... +0.09
"Uint32", "int16" and the like; are they standa... +0.44
Is there a handy way of finding largest element in container using... +1.04
Central Clickable MSDN like Linux System/C/C++ Standard Library Doc... +0.14
Nesting C++ Template Definitions -1.64
Is #define supposed to add spaces around macros? +0.75
Choosing a STL container with uniqueness and which keeps insertion... +0.86
How do you pass a reference when using a typename as a function arg... +0.34
Is STL vector a better version of realloc? -1.11
How much of STL is too much? +0.80
c++ profiling/optimization: How to get better profiling granularity... +1.00
Iterator access performance for STL map vs. vector? +1.19
Using pthread condition waits in a structure 0.00
should I take arguments to inline functions by reference or value? -0.93
optimize time(NULL) call in c++ -1.18
StyleCop for C++ 0.00