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Kerrek SB

1697.53 (161st)
454,731 (75th)
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Title Δ
How can I syncronize these two threads properly? -2.25
How to re-assign/name the argv in main 0.00
Is a forwarding reference still an rvalue reference or not? -0.40
Why does --string::end() compile but --string.size() does not? +1.36
Why deleting copy constructor for member variable doesnt prevent de... +0.25
c++11 variadic template fail to compile 0.00
c++11 initializer_list doesn't work for literal constant value... 0.00
C++ name followed by '::' must be a class or namespace name +0.23
What are the scenarios where assignment from std::forward is prefer... 0.00
Why is select_on_container_copy_construction needed? 0.00
Why must members of standard layout classes have the same access co... 0.00
How to make const some members of a mutable lambda capture list? 0.00
How to pass a dynamic object of the type array to a function? +0.11
Why am I able to modify a unique_ptr by a reference to .get()? +1.29
embedded c++ : dynamic typing without dynamic allocation? 0.00
c_str() vs. data() when it comes to return type +0.72
Can C++ strings contain an infinite amount of characters provided t... -0.91
Why references to the same constant take distinct memory space in C... +0.86
Avoid calling move constructor +2.07
How to implicitly cast templated constructor arguments? 0.00
Rationale of restrictive rules for extract and re-insert with map +0.20
How do I turn an iterative STL List for loop function into a recurs... 0.00
Is there any way to access private member variable of C++ complex n... +0.26
Is there this in lambda body? 0.00
What's the meaning of a prototype ending with a & (ampersand) 0.00
Unclear compile time error when using std::iterator_traits<> 0.00
Playing with Bazel C++ tutorials; build does not create/use shared... 0.00
Does signal "auto-block" (when execution enters handler f... 0.00
Is std::free thread-safe? 0.00
assymetry between std::shared_ptr and std::unique_ptr constructors +1.13
Defining main with constant arguments (const int argc, const char *... 0.00
What does it mean "xvalue has identity"? 0.00
Inheritance and constructor definition in C++ 0.00
What is the correct way of freeing dynamically allocated memory if... +1.21
Calling a Non-Static function as Predicate? 0.00
Convert to basic for loop +0.91
'begin' has not been declared when used with a pointer 0.00
Passing non-static member function as argument to member function +0.37
std::shared_ptr use_count() value +0.25
Compare function for std::lower_bound 0.00
Will an unordered map create a zero initialized struct? 0.00
initialize static array of objects c++ 0.00
C++11: Why rvalue reference parameter implicitly converted to lvalue -0.13
Why does a catch exception-declaration allow trailing parentheses? +0.26
how to use a unsigned int as a normal int in a if stament 0.00
C++ -- How write a function, that return the derivative of a real v... +1.38
Specializing templated function for a templated type? 0.00
Is it a good practice to return the r-value reference from the r-va... 0.00
Calling default constructor in return statement +1.24
c++ pointer assignment operator overload(not just object assignment... +1.59