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Bo Persson

1557.62 (6,054th)
80,126 (1,033rd)
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Title Δ
Template in inheritance issue +0.26
Status of std::bases and std::direct_bases 0.00
How to execute a virtual function from a base class without the exp... +0.45
What is the effect of an std::move()'d variable passed as a copy? -0.52
I see a lot of _GLOBAL__sub_I__ also from unused and stripped funct... 0.00
How do we know the maximum size of a theoretically possible object... +0.07
How to enable inclusion of x86 and x64 asm files into a single Visu... -0.14
Why does shifting a variable by more than its width in bits zeroes... -1.56
what is stored in the input buffer if I provide double for an int i... +0.38
Statically linking Visual Studio dlls to dynamically linked sfml pr... +1.79
c++ : how can I call a method in main function without creating an... +0.61
error: invalid operands of types '<unresolved overloaded fun... 0.00
Why do pointers behave differently when operated by post increment... +0.46
Implicit conversion not happening in class templates -0.05
Need to install clang into MSVC 0.00
Templates with const parameters does not dispatch as expected +0.42
From compiler perspective, how is reference for array dealt with, a... -0.40
Using a global variable to initialize other global variable in diff... -0.62
output coming wrong in substr() function of program 0.00
c++ function call the destructor immediately after +2.07
EqualityComparable trait explanation 0.00
Why does Valgrind report a memory leak in this implementation? 0.00
I am getting the linking errors in my c++ program, i have done the... 0.00
How to get shared_ptr from raw pointer? -0.95
How am I able to use int32_t without without using std? 0.00
Why is the const qualifier in this type alias dropped? +1.96
How can I define a type that is equal to 16 byte +1.04
What does "load" and "store" mean? 0.00
Am I not using fseek() properly? 0.00
C++ string class efficiency -2.07
Is it possible to write to an array second element by overflowing t... -0.36
std::map::emplace fails to resolve, but insert of rvalue works -- w... -0.16
Should be a virtual destructor? But how? +0.42
extra spaces written in r+ mode 0.00
How i can manage iterations in WTX reading a copybook 0.00
Will access specifiers still be intact when code is converted from... -0.02
Is strlen Optimized out for String Literals? -0.50
Using inline with overloaded operator +1.63
Quantlib preprocessor directives +0.08
X86 assembly instruction to MIPS instruction (Port, IN, I/O) -0.24
Iterator method fails to inherit from Const_iterator -1.40
How to Take Input String till End Of Line in C++ without the Use of... +0.42
Printing bits in long long number (C++) -0.53
How to sort the template specialisation for iterators? +2.24
Passing instance of own class to another +1.22
Why can C++ use the derived struct to instantiate its parent templa... 0.00
I have an error with the local Boolean code in my c code 0.00
qsort Filling Array With Zeroes? 0.00
Why does std::atomic_fetch take a pointer as its input parameter +1.65
Visual Studio 2017 Mark/Select block with solid background color 0.00