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1530.22 (18,321st)
28,473 (4,377th)
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Title Δ
Find all matches in string with regex in any order with Javascript -0.86
How to map merged normalized api response in redux 0.00
React — componentDidUpdate as a promise/callback. Is it possible? +3.09
Extract specific text from a document -1.62
Regex - get string after full date and before standard text -0.49
AngularJS: How to fix scope overwriting? -0.05
Is it possible to concat two regex variables? -0.05
Angular JS (v1) - $scope got too smart? 0.00
Emptying ui-grid on button click +0.46
Angularjs- how to check child form validity in parent form -0.06
match innermost using regex in a scala string -1.82
changing data of which country is shown based on select option -0.12
prototype js typeof value issue 0.00
renaming files with a (~) after the extension 0.00
Escape a char which does not match a given regex pattern -1.06
Angular JS : How to stop sum of complex filed values crossing a lim... 0.00
How to access a function wihtin another function when added as prop... -0.31
how can I load path with variable in RequireJS 0.00
Getting Lexer Error with AngularJS and ng-pattern 0.00
how to remove the first list in notepad++? -0.29
remove all options from select tag +0.37
Calling a outer function from within a closure in javascript +0.45
Regex to remove words with more than 2 digits -1.51
How to make loop values collected in array available outside the lo... +0.44
How do i hide my submit button until my Form is validated 0.00
angular's ng-submit() directive does not submit while pressing... -0.06
Weird word or percentage regex case -0.64
Understanding why negative lookahead is not working -0.56
How to Extend the Two Arrays in angualrjs? 0.00
How to adapt directive auto-focus to auto-focus="true"/&q... 0.00
Merge 2 json array objects based on a common property -1.70
Regular Expression to Split String based on word -0.07
Split by last space including tab space in java -0.97
Select everything except comments +1.82
Upload file to replace invalid to valid file name in c# -0.55
How to remove <p> like tags from xml using c# 0.00
Bash - count a pattern and print the line containing the pattern -0.30
Regex to remove commas between quotes with comma right before end q... -0.11
Regex get the word after match -0.87
How To Write A Regular Expression For Specific Requirement? 0.00
Regular Expression Local Path File Validation +0.04
Javascript regex for replacing whole word -0.49
Print 'x' words after and before matched word using awk +1.80
Regex expand to sentence, stop at punctuation +2.50
Using Regex to delete all text except matching string -1.40
CORS Error with Angular 0.00
Regex for matching a SELECT sql query 0.00
Difference between getElementsByClassName and querySelectorAll? +0.43
Calling of Constructors in a Java -0.40
405 Method Not Allowed Error for Ajax Request in Server -0.56