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Vittorio Romeo

1702.66 (131st)
61,549 (1,480th)
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Title Δ
Creating a new type trait in C++ 0.00
With C++-17, how to populate a tuple from a vector of string 0.00
Why is copy-ctor called instead of implicit conversion operator whe... 0.00
Init std::array in class constructor initializer list : fill values... 0.00
Misunderstanding variadic template functions 0.00
Why is an array's dimension part of its type? 0.00
How to sort out forward references for a tree data structure in C++ 0.00
C++: Is initializing a static local variable with a IIFE thread-safe? 0.00
no instance of overload function "get" matches the arguen... 0.00
C++ How to make a function return the object that called it? 0.00
C++ module-based epochs in P1881 vs potential #pragma-based epochs 0.00
reinterpret_cast adding const 0.00
C++ bug when using range-based for loop and vector of pointers 0.00
Lambda closure lvalues can be passed as rvalue reference parameters 0.00
creating an object with a returned template parameter fails, why? 0.00
Can two enums not have a member of similar name? 0.00
How to disable pointers as template typenames 0.00
Understanding Language syntax of C++ 0.00
Bizzare numbers appears randomly in output.(C++) 0.00
Do I need to specify typename in the return type of member function... 0.00
rust: expected lifetime parameter problem 0.00
Forwarding template taking precedence over overload 0.00
What is `constinit` in C++20? 0.00
Constructor member initializer lists across members, is it safe? 0.00
Recursively initialise std::array using metaprogramming 0.00
How to get the type of a method member of a class without creating... 0.00
C++: Template Function taking rvalue reference overloads non-templa... 0.00
How to pass an std::map with "any" enum to a function 0.00
Is there a way to define multi-param traits in Rust? 0.00
why std::integral_constant is necessary in exploding a std::tuple? +1.50
automatic resolve member function with const postfix 0.00
Q: How to define a nondiscard boolean in C++17, preferably using en... 0.00
C++ best way to return minimum of many recursive calls +0.24
Passing in a template function to a template function 0.00
Move-constructing a C++11 thread from a thread object argument crea... +1.01
How to define lambda function in private? -2.57
Function pointer initialization with function declaration - is it p... +0.10
What does ":" mean? 0.00
why my get<k>() function cannot receive subclass of tuple? 0.00
Hint the compiler to return by reference when using auto, without u... +1.21
C++20: difference between [[likely]], [[unlikely]] and __builtin_ex... 0.00
Pointer wrapper for insertion +0.68
Get the type of the iterator using `decltype` 0.00
Is it safe to call size() method on moved-from vector? 0.00
Best way to append object to a vector of smart pointers? +1.44
What happens if one uses delete[] after a delete? +1.42
Variadic Function That Calls Constructor With Given Arguments -0.76
Can I use tie to put Elements of a pair in a vector? +1.43
How to print name of the variable of class type while its getting i... +1.07
Killing Magic Numbers: "const int" vs "constexpr int... +1.17