An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Peter Badida

1499.26 (3,793,120th)
5,469 (30,085th)
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Title Δ
How do I print a list after creating its name as a string? 0.00
How to get the maximum out of a list of "hh:mm" timestamps? -0.72
Printing a text line containing the target word -0.25
Is there a danger of using "git push --force" if I am wor... +0.11
What library does GitHub use to render diffs between Markdown docum... +2.39
GitHub main/master branch 0.00
How do I review an entire codebase on github? 0.00
Error in my Python code doing fuzzy logic 0.00
Duplicate Local Repo at different location so that changes made on... 0.00
How to properly use POST with nested serializer in Django? 0.00
Store the return of a function in variable +0.25
Using Ctypes in Jupyter Notebook 0.00
Python strange NameError for def -0.01
How do I get rid of the square brackets around my event and date? +0.00
Program ends after inputting an integer when it asks 'how old a... +0.48
Concise way to compare a variable against multiple values +0.99
Is there something wrong with my for loop for f(x)? 0.00
Why isn't this container running properly? 0.00
PyLint W0231 super-init-not-called with __init__ of grandparent 0.00
Python: vertical binning of two lists +0.90
How many computer languages have more than one extension? 0.00
How Debug with Python +2.22
How can I read from a file with Python from a specific location to... +0.51
How do I make a Gui in python? +0.51
Do multiprocess in python cost at least 0.3s? -0.85
How can I split a list in two unique lists in Python? +0.28
how to fix KeyError: 'w'. got it while doing string formatt... 0.00
How to include Python packages in docker file? 0.00
How to copy only the changed file-contents on the already existed d... -0.36
How can you reduce/limit bandwidth during scraping of large images? 0.00
How can I get the foreground Window using batch? 0.00
How can i check for a keyhold in python -0.48
bat file sequential issue, start a script after the first one finish 0.00
How to install Kivent in qpython? 0.00
windows: unable to install kivy on virtual enviroment 0.00
Invalid property name - Kivy python -0.24
Kivy UrlRequest doesn't trigger callback 0.00
Kivy - How do I set my app to be resizable up to a specified size? 0.00
Python Kivy - App that open url in a native web browser 0.00
biding a value from a class property in kivy python 0.00
Scheduling operations with Kivy 0.00
importing Window from kivy.core.window opens a second Kivy window t... 0.00
Keybound Button with screen switching in Kivy language 0.00
Place Graph on Kivy as a Widget with Button 0.00
Python Interpreter within Interpreter 0.00
Batch set variable to content of website 0.00
PyInstaller 3.2.1 with Kivy 1.10.0 pyz syntax error and dosn't... 0.00
Cannot get kivy to display the relevant canvas and items for a brea... 0.00
How to read lists and int from a file? 0.00
Kivy: Label has another position then Rectangle 0.00