An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1509.93 (71,114th)
954 (160,886th)
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Title Δ
c# method with unlimited params or method with an array or list? +2.80
show a marker on a Google maps map -0.03
Loop Through a range of cells in Excel 0.00
Causing links to pan to and open markers in map -0.43
SQL syntax error line 1 AJAX PHP & SQL -0.19
setting variable to true or false at query time mysql 0.00
Activate external href onclick from link -3.44
How do I center new google maps marker 0.00
advice on securing user login +4.13
How can I replace a class with another using jQuery? -2.48
Need help avoiding the use of a Singleton -3.96
Access Samba Share, No Drive Mapping, With IP address - C# -0.20
Someone can tell me what's the difference between List, Collection... +0.79
How do you count every subfolder under the Outlook mailbox? 0.00
Proper way to override style values in WPF -2.09
Read Text File With HTML +3.55
use Type.GetType(string) in C# 2.0 .net but type or namespace name... +4.13
Which control has been clicked? -1.32
controling multiple forms show, hide or close with one form in c# +0.87
how to open file if it exists otherwise redirect to a page -2.42
"using namespace ...." Why? +3.39
How to design a class with nested property? c# +4.09
Which Programming Language or tool should I Use for this project? 0.00
Saved Firefox Page Probably Contains A Virus +3.97
Web Design: opacity on images for my website 0.00
How to minimize memory usage in windows +3.45
Developing software for specific MIDI device -4.02
c# Windows form application forms problem +0.87
PHP: Appending objects in OOP? +0.78
Can I use images without extension in <img>? -3.97
Jquery animate opacity on thumbnails except for the one selected -2.63
Order Mysql Value Listing by Amount +3.66
Android: Where can I find the code of the native browser app? 0.00
Why is there an implicit type cast from DateTime to DateTimeOffset... 0.00
Capturing HTML to a string in PHP -3.18
Sizing a <td> from a string -0.13
LightOpenID forbidden when redirecting back +3.96