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1603.99 (1,620th)
150 (555,110th)
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Title Δ
Python: guardian argument in 'if...or'-condition 0.00
Python array labels for ease of access 0.00
Recursive function for converting a nested list to a nested diction... +0.87
How to read a day and time on the same line? -1.01
How to find next empty cell on a specific column and write to it? 0.00
Regular expression in python to add a dot after a single letter in... -0.74
Key-Generator in a .txt file 0.00
A list of the highest x's for each group 0.00
Remap dictionary with new dictionary +0.35
Expanding a list of coordinates to include transpose and mirror val... -1.35
Why doesn't my generator function produce correct values? 0.00
Exception In Python Doesn't Do Anything -0.27
Compute a randomly selected digit from a given four digit number 0.00
Complicated list comprehension from dict -1.21
After using combinations with replacement, how to remove tuples wit... -0.65
Can I search for strings within a function in python? 0.00
Randomly sample between multiple generators? -0.50
TypeError: Population must be a sequence or set. For dicts, use lis... +1.56
How to automatically convert port signals of verilog sub modules us... 0.00
Python nested a generator inside a if else nested in a return is po... -0.70
Decorating Multiple Python Functions -0.65
I wrote some code for find an armstrong number , I dont know why it... +0.36
Apply the same string format to a varying number of variables +0.31
Calculating number of non-zero values without numpy 0.00
Can the walrus operator be used to avoid multiple function calls wi... +1.44
Detecting if there are 3 same letters next to each other +0.74
Output is missing a trailing new line character 0.00
prompt the input in the math function to print the output. But it p... +0.36
Python execution certain steps in a function based on input -0.93
Is there a more Pythonic way of handling dictionaries? +0.59
Adding up total times a number was rolled on a dice in python 3 0.00
Following stratergy pattern; give interface access to parent attrib... 0.00
What is the purpose of `super().__init__()` in a base class? 0.00
Compare 2 dictionary and extract the other values in python -0.18
Print only once after max is reached +0.34
Python Check if thread is alive -0.16
Assign and use variables with the same condition without getting a... +1.54
delete all rows up to a specific row +0.76
How to run different files without manually changing the configurat... 0.00
Float object is not iterable? -0.19
Convert JSON file to xls correctly 0.00
Tokenizing an Expression +0.35
Is there a way to update the value of a Python dictionary but not a... 0.00
Eliminate all leading zeroes of an expression +1.37
'in' for two sorted lists with the lowest complexity -0.48
Check if Values from List of Dictionaries are Unique Without Keys +0.36
How to remove multiple object from the list at the same time -0.31
regular expression that preseves one or more leading underscore +0.35
How can I copy columns from one excel sheet to another with python... +0.36
How can i fix this error: too many values to unpack (expected 4) fo... +0.11