An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1379.60 (4,409,261st)
3,207 (52,471st)
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Title Δ
How does flexibility affect a language's syntax? +0.31
How does the make command avoid to recompile an unchanged source fi... -1.60
PERL: Jumping to lines in a huge text file -0.75
Should CXXFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS be overridden in a Makefile? +1.69
Makefile don't check dependency timestamps -1.00
Are Makefiles good for projects without a software engineering main... +2.90
Run makefile with command in order -0.78
Makefile executes the command only once -0.21
How to install cpanm dependencies? -0.53
Makefile with directory for object files -0.31
What to do with wxWidgets after building it +0.12
How to split a string into multiple hash keys in perl +1.15
regular expression find the last character of repeating characters -0.91
"read_file" command is not working for huge file 0.00
search for a value in json file with perl similar to query in DB +3.01
split string to some parts and replace a one sub-string with anothe... +0.67
Get the index of smallest non-negative number in an array? -0.53
How to print before a while loop is started in Perl? -1.11
Capture a substring between two characters? -0.82
Generate make file -0.32
PanDoc - Force converting into markdown to use # and ## for H1 and... 0.00
Subroutine returning a string warns about "Useless use of a co... -0.50
Joining the array elements and then removing spaces from result -0.16
How to evaluate an expression in regular expressions' substitut... 0.00
Can I move perl modules without breaking the system? +0.67
What is the difference between cpan/cpanm and cpm? -0.80
gnu make: why called "top-level" target? -0.81
Sort keys of hash by numerals and dots that like IPv4 -0.85
Move the files older than three hours to archive folder without ove... 0.00
Regex substitution using a list element with just 3 digits index do... +0.66
make: *** No rule to make target `Arguments.o', needed by `all&... 0.00
List files from a large directory on AIX machine +0.67
Perl - Convert Number to 2 Decimal -0.77
Recursive Makefile to build .o files 0.00
Are there programming languages that directly translate into another? -0.25
$0 in a cgi perl script behaves differenty in /var/www/html and ~/p... 0.00
Perl save a section of hash to a new hash 0.00
Make: wildcard to use all object files +1.85
By convention, does 'make install' copy header files to /us... -0.93
Perl equivalent of the `&` placeholder in the "vi" ed... -0.73
Using grep command in makefile? 0.00
Single makefile to build multiple subdirectories -0.34
What value is stored in an array whose some element are not assigned? -0.22
Regex, Remove duplicate paths from delimited string +0.23
Why first code output is false and true in second code? -0.23
Trying to change all the pixels to black and white at a given thres... +0.64
Finding and replacing matched letters at same position +2.06
What Functions Are Required For a Coding Language 0.00
Perl JSON issue when string starts with [ and not { 0.00
Delete duplicate entries printing to a csv +0.13