An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Tim Büthe

1500.74 (409,484th)
49,023 (2,065th)
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Title Δ
Why are usernames and images not shown? 0.00
Locale language detection and translation? 0.00
Why is Swagger's api-docs response wrapped in additional JSON O... 0.00
Getting a result in the future? +0.50
How to get a background image of a table with no ID with javascript? -0.50
How to change dependency in Gradle IntelliJ project? 0.00
How to exclude certain tasks per default? +0.48
java - Safe way to create a Temp file -2.13
Java apply swaps in one array sort to another +1.96
Find if url refers to existing object +2.62
How to autocomplete lambdas in IntelliJ IDEA? +0.54
Have the element who call my js function -0.20
How to compile java 1.3 code with gradle? 0.00
FileNotFoundException - Reading a text file in java +1.43
innerHTML and jqueries .html() ... GOTCHA! any proper work arounds? +0.02
How to replace fade transition by slide transition in a slideshow (... 0.00
How to implement paging for a TableView in JavaFX? 0.00
how to check if the tooltip image is out of the screen +0.49
Why does joda DateTimeZone's getOffset() method require an "in... +0.47
Can you detect a user's ISP provider with JavaScript? +0.51
JavaFX TableView Paginator 0.00
Why is Cobertura not working in my Spring/Hibernate Webapp? 0.00
How to use Tinyscrollbar? +0.51
How to read text from hidden element with Selenium WebDriver? 0.00
Formatting JSON date +0.52
Slow down internet for iOS simulator +0.77
autocomplete run only once when page load or on one letter is typed... +0.99
Java regexp substring extraction pattern -0.50
java method generics implementing interface +1.61
Space Replacement for Float/Int/Double -1.02
how to represent an XML escape charecter in java String +0.50
Is it possible to change element tooltip while old tooltip is alrea... +0.51
Disable firefox save as dialog-selenium 0.00
Javascript : What's wrong with this script? +2.10
jQuery on click remove input value 0.00
Duplicate user email input field into username field (stripping eve... +0.02
How to display the output of an executed command line program? 0.00
Textarea Autogrow plugin. How to improve? 0.00
how to parse XML file +0.06
how i will write test case for this method it is in JSF? 0.00
source debuggable JVM +0.09
jQuery: Build multi div structure -0.96
submit is not working after adding a code to prevent double submit... +2.17
Why doesn't my web start application finds existing files? +0.03
Can't return NSMutableArray value -1.05
Loading Indicator w/o Ajax +2.33
What is good to do with exception when logging? -1.59
JDBC 4 order by clause +1.27
How to change the language of a WebDriver? +0.46
Focusing a picture with locked background +0.03