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Dmitry Kolchev

1514.44 (47,144th)
814 (183,658th)
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Title Δ
SVG exceeds flex item container 0.00
.Net core Async Await method works as synchronously -0.68
How To run LINQ queries with Type of <T> +2.17
ASP.NET Core 3.1 - From a Hosted Service, check if client (Index) p... +5.05
How do I map through group of two or more Arrays to get a length re... -1.89
CSS transition does not work on input width -3.19
Stored procedure insert into table not working due to identifier no... -3.40
Trouble with older style XML using node selection methods in C# 0.00
SQL DATEADD Function for 7 days after the end of the last quarter -0.53
How to cast function to comparer in C# +3.55
How can I find a table with column of maxlength 256 from a SQL DB? +0.13
C# Padding Decimal Points +0.65
Looping over DataRow to compare current row data and previous row d... -0.24
Serialise array as single XML element in C# 0.00
How to pass null in a string parameter placeholder +3.90
How to get the list of week start date (Monday) and end date (Sunda... -1.33
Run .exe from another app and enter values automatically -0.69
System.Threading.Timer with WPF/C# problems 0.00
How do I change the color of the small clock icon that comes with t... -0.39
SVG - stroke-width not working although I am using stroke property 0.00
Find first several elements in an array that meet a condition, usin... 0.00
HttpClient high data usage when getting remote file size 0.00
SQL- selecting rows where one value is greater than the first value... 0.00
How to call function in C# from memory like in C++? 0.00
BigInt inconsistencies in PowerShell and C# 0.00
How to split string and add custom character in c# 0.00
Compute font size to fit text into a specific width -3.92
How to stop vlc from command line -0.14
Too many methods very similar +0.06
C# Convert ReadOnlyMemory<byte> to byte[] +1.32
How to check whether given website URL run NGINX and what version i... +0.36
What is the use of StateMachineAttribute in .NET? 0.00
Calculate the difference in Hours and Minutes using Javascript and... 0.00
Get the day number from moment object javascript +0.52
How can i update multiple databases at the same time in SQL Server? +3.71
SQL - Assign number to each row in DESC order of purchase quantities -0.24
Why this sql will cause type conversion error? -3.31
C# String to float with specific format +0.53
How To Detect Active User Session by sqlcmd -0.14
There is already an open DataReader associated with this Commands w... 0.00
MSSQL get all SESSION_CONTEXT variables 0.00
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '(175.62231... +4.26
Visual Studio 2017, use new style csproj by default when creating n... 0.00
How to copy data from a view of one server into the database table... 0.00
Left join producing wrong data -3.25
Convert decimal hour.minutes to hh:mm tt format and viceverza -0.64
How to avoid GETDATE() from updating every time table is accessed [... -3.48
Copy data from rows in a table to future rows in same table -0.21
Filter multiple rows in SQL Server +3.92
SQL Server Order By Column having Inch Sizes +0.39