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Tomasz Nurkiewicz

1697.12 (157th)
280,683 (130th)
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Title Δ
Idiomatic search of value in a list of element-value pairs in Scala +0.82
File I/O without clutering of exceptions +0.24
How to avoid resource collisions in library jars? 0.00
Java method returning arraylist and want to copy this to another ar... +0.31
How to convert a List[A] into a List[B] using an implicit conversion +0.65
tomcat and .class files -0.25
scala - using filter with pattern matching +0.52
What is the default connection pool size in c3p0 -0.78
SMS authentication for java EE application 0.00
Java code not catching the error? (beginner) +1.15
Scala Option map to another Option +0.55
Scala and Casbah - error: Option[com.mongodb.DBObject] does not tak... +1.11
Strange behavior of Math.round() method 0.00
Long try statements +0.93
Should a java class' final fields always be static? -0.23
Java - Performance Questions; variable names and file name length +0.25
Database backup via Spring data 0.00
What technology is the HTTP and UI level of application based on EJ... 0.00
Configuration Failed to import bean definitions from URL 0.00
Why setting a client-side timeout when using long polling? 0.00
Java bytecode "excessive" number of dup considered "... +0.65
How to set a long as hex in Spring XML config +0.38
ArrayList in Session object seems to lose contents -0.18
scala currying/partials to build function filter list +1.09
Unexpected Scala collections memory behaviour 0.00
Spring, autowired jdbcTemplate is null when called from main method -0.53
What does tomcat's ThreadLocalLeakPreventionListener do exactly ? 0.00
Java: Server response is cut when stored into a string? +0.23
2D Array of ArrayLists null exception +0.63
link a test-class to its main class -1.00
Java - binarySearch(). How do I set up a binarySearch for a Spell C... -0.10
Does JavaScript have undefined behaviour? +1.30
setTimeout behaviour with blocking code +0.25
How can I know the object type sent by a socket? +0.02
JMS MDB or ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor for asynchronous tasks 0.00
Is there a class in slf4j similar to org.apache.log4j.EnhancedPatte... 0.00
Java negative bigdecimal value with braces +0.07
Tomcat vs Glassfish, is jpa with both possible? 0.00
Check two words to see if the beginning of word a is equal to word b -0.13
Getting the latest version from cdnjs 0.00
Using super() for equals() in a subclass in a different package 0.00
Type safe service getter class (returning Parameterized Type) +1.08
Bad behavior while checking if domain exist 0.00
Is HTTPClient instances are not intended to be reused? 0.00
Spring cacheManager is not singleton? 0.00
Do final fields really prevent mutability in Java? -0.01
What is this particular syntax called in Scala +0.25
annotation based factory methods +1.67
Character Count using Distributed Programming +0.26
Simple explanation of Akka Actors 0.00