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Nick Becker

1524.20 (24,266th)
1,252 (126,889th)
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Title Δ
Dask: applying custom function to DataFrame gets error 0.00
Cross validation inconsistent numbers of samples error (Python) 0.00
Does Gridsearch CV shuffle the data before creating the folds? 0.00
Gradient boosting training loss increases at every iteration 0.00
In-memory database optimized for read (low/no writes) when operatio... 0.00
Calculate partitioned sum efficiently with CuPy or NumPy 0.00
Numpy make the product between all elemens and then insert into a t... 0.00
Big difference in execution time for first and subsequent run of cu... 0.00
Parallelizing fastText.get_sentence_vector with dask gives pickling... 0.00
How to do a matrix dot product between two DataFrame in the GPU wit... 0.00
Efficiently Calculating a Euclidean Dist Matrix in Numpy? -0.27
Is there a nice way to to check if numpy array and torch tensor poi... 0.00
What is the dask equivalent of numpy where? 0.00
Create mask to identify final two rows in groups in Pandas dataframe 0.00
Convert datetime64[ns] column to DatetimeIndex in pandas 0.00
Why does scikit-learn's GridSearchCV take only first parameter... 0.00
Efficient way to reference one table from another 0.00
Grabbing random samples from pandas dataframe but only one per value 0.00
Convert Pandas dateTime Index Values to Numpy Datetimes +3.74
Speed up nested looping over pandas DataFrame 0.00
CUDF error processing a large number of parquet files 0.00
Convert cuDF data frame column to 1 or 0 for “true”/“false” values 0.00
Cupy slower than numpy when doing a "for loop" for column... 0.00
Equivalent of pd.Series.str.slice() and pd.Series.apply() in cuDF +3.83
Replace values in Column C where value in Column A is x -2.22
How to remove spaces in between characters without removing ALL spa... 0.00
Memory Efficient Hot Encode Pandas -4.22
pandas: creating a dataframe from a dictionary +0.02
Considerations for using ReLU as activation function -0.22
Create a Model for Dummy Variables +3.77
KNearest Neighbors in sklearn - ValueError: query data dimension mu... 0.00
Query pandas data frame with `or`b boolean? +3.75
Regression summary in Python +3.85
Getting 'ValueError: shapes not aligned' on SciKit Linear R... +3.90
tensorflow batches from numpy arrays -0.10
Anomaly detection in time series data -0.14
String slicing in numpy array +4.01
Where does next_batch in the TensorFlow tutorial batch_xs, batch_ys... +3.99
How to apply a function on a list column and return another one in... +4.17
TensorFlow unexpected behaviour -4.05
How to change Stargazer HTML table width? -3.17
how to do sampling modeling in big data set 0.00
NumPy matrix not indexing range correctly [0,0,0,5:53].shape = 43 +4.10
Aggregate by one variable but adding other variables -0.33
dplyr to create aggregate percentages of factor levels -1.61
Error in Apply function: "arguments imply differing number of... -0.02
simplest python equivalent to R's gsub 0.00
Dictionary of pair in python +4.03
Linear regression using Sklearn prediction not working. data not fi... +4.07
How to reorder rows in a qplot (R) 0.00