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Chris Lutz

1570.02 (4,041st)
56,162 (1,708th)
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Title Δ
sizeof() showing different output +0.03
Better way of declaring an array? +1.57
C: variable has initializer but incomplete type +0.04
Is self.__dict__.update(**kwargs) good or poor style? -1.44
Why doesn't the OS crash if I dereference a null pointer? -0.57
misunderstanding array pointers passed to functions in C -0.61
Concatenating 2 arrays without memcpy +0.79
How to partially set arguments to a function without running it? -0.73
Under what circumstances can malloc return NULL? -0.78
Detecting Endianess +1.44
Should my library handle SIGSEGV on bad pointer input? -0.89
How many distinct floating-point numbers in a specific range? -1.39
Implementing fgetc; trying to read word by word +0.40
Best alternative to a typedef for a function template? -2.12
What is difference between types int** and int[][]? +0.92
Why does print ($a = a..c) produce: 1E0 -1.04
2D array vs array of arrays -0.55
What's the most elegant way to do a non-trivial initialization befo... -0.07
Does pointer arithmetic have uses outside of arrays? -1.35
Type of lvalue.bitfield when the underlying bitfield type is not in... 0.00
Why is the conditional operator right associative? +1.66
C - Find the size of structure -0.69
Regular expression optimization - C enum typedef -0.67
How to determine whether a variable is unsigned or not in ANSI C +0.40
How do I avoid copy-pasting code blocks when only minor things need... +0.40
Bit setting question +2.51
How to access array element returned from a object method in perl? -0.96
Is it not possible to call C++ operators manually? -1.48
Compile time variable sized string literal in C -1.06
macro for simulating access two dimensional array in C +1.71
usage of string tokenizer +0.36
error: redefinition of typedef in c -0.98
Is this explanation accurate for C code that won't compile? -0.12
Install third party libraries on Mac OS X? 0.00
how free() works? +1.48
getchar() taking the last char from previous printf()? 0.00
Why doesn't deleting my pointer delete my pointer? +0.96
Using structure in C and C++ -0.51
Calling a function from another file in the same directory in C +0.52
In Perl,how do you sort a lexical hash by its value with a dedicate... -1.53
Exploring the uses of anonymous subs +0.41
Difference between pointer to pointer and pointer to array? -0.52
C static inline function redefinition rules -2.10
How to print both to stdout and file in C -0.94
Perl Multi hash vs Single hash +0.95
Why / when to use `intptr_t` for type-casting in C? +0.42
Conflicting enums +0.21
C Array of strings -0.87
Using strtoul in C -0.79
How to read unsigned character array using gets()? +0.39