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1424.85 (4,190,795th)
55,707 (1,757th)
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Title Δ
Code Compiles and Runs on Linux, Crashes with Heap Corruption on Wi... 0.00
AES/CCM Encryption and Plaintext Length Exceeds Maximum Message Len... 0.00
Decryption problem when using linux cookies on windows 0.00
Are there downsides to using std::string as a buffer? 0.00
Overriding OMP_NUM_THREADS from code - for real 0.00
bz2 module fails when building Python 3.7 0.00
Scalar multiplication on secp521r1 using Crypto++ 0.00
How do I know if ARM's XN (execute never) bit support is enable... 0.00
Compile Python 3.6 statically with OpenSSL 0.00
When should I use AutoSeededRandomPool (and not NonblockingRng)? 0.00
Error: Package requirements (libprotobuf-c >= 1.0.1) were not met 0.00
How to fix "make: 'all' is up to date error" whil... 0.00
Integrate Crypto++ in Android using 0.00
Does Crypto++ support PKCS#7 padding? 0.00
open function doesn't return for serial port -0.27
strncpy is replaced by __strncpy_chk and fails +0.58
What is the exact expected behavior of the `--quiet` CLI option? 0.00
Signing using Curve25519 in Crypto++ -0.39
Crypto++ extra block at the end of encrypted stream in AES-128 CBC... 0.00
How to retrieve MAC when using Botan's ChaCha20Poly1305? 0.00
Retrieve ECDSA public key from only x-compressed coordinate using C... 0.00
gdb can't cross-compile for arm-linux 0.00
Linker error while building crypto++ with Qt program 0.00
Conditionally finding dependencies of shared library in CMake 0.00
How using Crypto++ with WinForm GUI? 0.00
SshConnectionException: 'Server response does not contain SSH p... -0.39
Cannot compile, error: cryptlib.h: No such file or directory 0.00
Crypto++ AES does not match standard fips197 0.00
"std::_debug_memset" is not declared +0.11
Undefined reference for Crypto++ though it is linked and works in o... 0.00
Error: 'uncaught_exceptions' is unavailable: introduced in... -0.38
Rare crash with Crypto++ pbkdf2::DeriveKey() +0.64
Crypto++ AES crashing in release mode using VS2017 0.00
Hash file recursive and save into vector Cryptopp 0.00
Hash file in chunk with Crypto++ FileSource 0.00
How to combine two Sources into new one in Crypto++? 0.00
How to cast to unsigned vector type after using __builtin_msa_ld_* -1.21
Fail to build y86-64 simulator from sources +0.61
hkdf.h not found in Crypto++ library 0.00
hkdf.h not found in Crypto++ library -2.00
hkdf.h not found in Crypto++ library +2.00
How to fix malloc failure error of openssl? 0.00
Key agreement with XTR-DH Crypto++ 0.00
gdb 8.2 can't recognized executable file on macOS Mojave 10.14 +0.35
Failed build openssl 1.0.2p on SLES 12-SP2 x86_64 0.00
Parsing the GFP2Element in Crypto++ 0.00
How index is affected when multiple threads are running in a loop -0.55
Check if a System V shared memory segment is backed by huge pages o... -0.40
How to get the file desciptor of a symbolic link? 0.00
Does gcc 6 support the use of std::sample (c++17)? -0.81