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1382.78 (4,191,335th)
11,195 (13,298th)
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Title Δ
What is the proper procedure for error checking chunks in file tran... 0.00
Can't add to global variable 0.00
C pointers do not show to the same address? *pa=a; pa=&a; pa !=... 0.00
Incompatible pointer types on array initialization 0.00
problem on performing increment in an expression 0.00
How do I exclude elements from an array? 0.00
Convert char * to 4 character strings 0.00
Does making use of int, long int, unsigned int have any significant... 0.00
Dereferencing the address of a pointer-casted variable 0.00
Writing data to reserved memory 0.00
Eclipse: Serial terminal: Treat /n as /n/r 0.00
How to verify whether Quectel M66 recognize my command sent via UAR... 0.00
How to return pointer to an array of strings in C 0.00
How to dynamically center align text in a char * string to fit in a... 0.00
Output for the following C code is confusing me 0.00
How does bitwise operator work the avr atmega register? 0.00
Server displaying text instead of HTML 0.00
LINKER script GCC how to avoid veneer call 0.00
STM32: unaligned circular DMA UART buffer 0.00
How to configure baud rate for transmitting data using HAL_UART_Tra... 0.00
How to dynamically allocate an array in a function? 0.00
How to perform multiplication for integers larger than 64 bits in C... 0.00
How come tt[9] is '4' after strcpy has changed its value? 0.00
"how to find the largest value in a 2D array from a file in C&... 0.00
type casting long double to long long 0.00
How does compiler inline a function with branches and multiple retu... 0.00
Including stdlib.h causes code to be unable to be compiled properly 0.00
FreeRTOS stuck in osDelay 0.00
Cannot update pointer value 0.00
Output different value after function call? 0.00
Function declaration before and after main() 0.00
Find the first position of a character in string C 0.00
Usability of bitfields 0.00
STM32 CMSIS FreeRTOS: configASSERT triggered when releasing Binrary... 0.00
Redefining anonymous types in external lib - dereferencing pointer... 0.00
When will C release statically allocated variable declarations 0.00
How to debugging and flashing Nucleo32 board from TrueStudio? 0.00
How do I round an integer down to the nearest multiple of a number? 0.00
C struct local copy inside a function 0.00
How to access global value without using extern keyword? 0.00
Accessing a nested structure 0.00
Why using pointers (with low optimization) makes the program faster? 0.00
Difference between MOV and MOV ptr 0.00
Why does clang is unable to unroll a loop (that gcc unrolls)? 0.00
Watchpoint on STM32 GPIO register 0.00
Initializing an structure pointer with -> operator 0.00
Why does gnu_inline attribute affects code generation so much compa... 0.00
Is there any wrong about tha static variable? 0.00
blocking Inter task communication in RTOS 0.00
How to typedef a forward declaration? 0.00