An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1541.91 (10,612th)
3,504 (47,889th)
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Title Δ
Is it bad to send a message to self() in init? +0.67
Erlang argument matching and performance +3.71
Translate imperative control flow with break-s/continue-s to haskell +0.99
Avoiding a race condition +3.56
Supervisors with backoff -0.05
How to show effectiveness of Erlang for programming Robots? +1.54
Learning Haskell: Seemingly Circular Program - Please help explain +3.86
ERlang - Trying to find LENGTH of constituents of List -4.84
Suppressing Erlang "unused function" warnings +1.73
"average length of the sequences in a fasta file": Can yo... -1.30
Erlang - Anonymouos Function +3.56
List of PID's in Erlang +3.88
erlang - inspect mailbox messages once at a time -4.53
Creating a record from a list of properties -3.29
Erlang : flattening a list of strings +3.70
Erlang: simple refactoring +3.95
Supervising multiple gen_servers with same module / different argum... 0.00
Time order of messages +4.11
Erlang compound boolean expression +1.30
Help me improve this Erlang? -0.20
A Haskell function of type: IO String-> String +4.02
right rotate a List in Erlang +3.11
How can I write Erlang's list concatenate without using the lists m... +3.93
In Erlang, when do I use ; or , or .? +2.35
Erlang style - case vs function pattern matching +1.29
How do I turn a list of tuple pairs into a record in Erlang? 0.00
how to put a function and arguments into python queue? +2.44
How to mix binding (<-) and assignment (let) in one line? (in Ha... +2.37
Do you find you still need variables you can change, and if so why? +1.94
How do I concatenate two binaries in Erlang? +4.26
Can I use a decorator to mutate the local scope of a function in Py... -3.12
a question on for loops in python -1.08
pattern matching - implementation -3.89
Where should I get started with learning databases? +1.94
Gracefully terminating an Erlang server or fsm? 0.00
gen_server named timer_server caused timer module functions to not... 0.00