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Aaron Bertrand

1737.57 (47th)
119,529 (235th)
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Title Δ
Change SCHEMABINDING for existing VIEW 0.00
SQL How to return All products sold in last 30 days Include non sel... 0.00
Date format query in CASE expression +0.20
SQL Query data based on a variable -1.41
Is there a difference in performance in only updating values that h... 0.00
MSSQL - Get result set of 10 years before and 10 years after curren... +1.12
Query to change table collation in SQL Server 2008 0.00
Syntax errors when migrating a .bak created in SQLServer 2000 to SQ... 0.00
Select all entities which do not have children -- getting a lot of... +0.84
Convert in SQL Server +0.79
SQL TRIGGER handling multiple INSERTED rows 0.00
Using a CTE within an UPDATE statement that is using a CASE +0.17
Error on passing variable on the function xp_dirtree 0.00
Incorrect syntax near ',' in SQL dynamic query +0.20
SQL Select every 10 months +0.88
Finding #temp table in sysobjects / INFORMATION_SCHEMA 0.00
Union of multiple sp_MSforeachdb result sets +0.98
Join where one column is contained in another 0.00
SQL Server: add a column and get other column names as its value 0.00
Fetch dates from SQL Server vs PostgreSQL using VDF & MERTECH +0.21
iterate through rows, check for an update and then update row 0.00
SQL Server - list the number of occurrences for specific strings wi... +1.33
What is the most efficient way to convert a split-up date to a date... 0.00
SQL Query Asking for Count & Total 0.00
Ctrl R not working in SQL Server 2012 0.00
SQL Server 2012 Intellisense issue +0.52
How to roll back UPDATE statement? +0.10
Using SQL Server, GROUP BY +0.21
How to group difference of date values by range 0.00
Merge to update all target table columns +0.18
xp_delete_file not removing old backups +0.21
passing Arabic parameter in sql server stored 0.00
Join Table and Filter Condition -0.64
SQL Server 2012: Check Constraint with Default Values 0.00
How to return two columns (NoCond, Name) from Table 1 for those row... -0.28
Need to calculate payroll for a few employees in SQL (across two ta... -3.25
Identity column not generating correct IDs +0.80
How can I set a default value of a field in SQL Server to a substri... +0.80
How to Choose a Microsoft SQL Server Edition 2012 as a Developer? 0.00
Azure SQL Database Group By not sorting -0.68
SQL / SSRS: The multi-part identifier " " could not be bo... 0.00
View with extra column that appends column to zero-padded id -3.23
Convert an int to date in SQL Server 0.00
UPDATE modified date trigger only if modified date is not supplied 0.00
Changing a SQL statement when columns have been extracted to a diff... 0.00
Where is the official documentation for T-SQL's "ORDER BY RAND... +0.49
How to subtract today's date (current date) from delivery date SQL... 0.00
Is it OK to swallow an exception for DB INSERT -0.75
Getting error with CASE expression using WHERE clause +1.69
Could this simple T-SQL update fail when running on multiple proces... +0.84