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Aaron Bertrand

1719.61 (77th)
211,162 (195th)
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Title Δ
Integration Test Dependent upon a Database View 0.00
How can I combine tabular results and json representation of the ro... +1.22
SQL Server: extracting $#,### from a string +0.19
Alternative to NOT IN in SSMS -0.68
SQL Server MDF file growing too much +0.22
Unexpected output in SQL Server -2.46
There is a way to reduce this case from database -0.75
EXEC sp_executesql @sql limitation -0.97
Tryng to update a table in SQL -1.33
Change date format SQL +0.71
SQL Server: How do I sort and compare lots of versions? -1.95
SQL code to count only duplicates where all instances of the duplic... +1.07
How to identify truncated columns in SQL Server 2016 0.00
SQL Server 2012 analysing data from previous month with epoch time 0.00
Why does an incorrect syntax error near appears? +0.94
How can I make a dynamic SQL Server query with sliding dates but sp... -0.78
How do I get my JSON from SSMS? (An error occurred while parsing En... 0.00
Cursor use to update another table using SQL Server, T-SQL? -1.13
Selecting Dynamic date range in sql -0.79
Can we have a SQL query that lists all the tables that are not refe... +0.22
Application-time period tables 0.00
Calculating a New Variable +0.21
Update multiple rows with different values based on Ids -2.21
Selecting data against numeric values saved as comma separated string -0.96
Granting Full SQL Server Permissions for a Database +0.18
Is it possible to prevent UPDATE or DELETE statements being execute... -1.08
How to check all years in database 0.00
User defined table type with check constraint +1.07
Running dynamic queries on linked server 0.00
BULK INSERT from variable Date Filename - ERROR 0.00
How to generate row between dates range in sql if for date don'... -0.27
How can i find if a string is present in a collection of comma sepr... -2.90
SQL Server subquery behaviour 0.00
How can I select a JSON_VALUE if the object name contains a single... 0.00
Why does this SQL statement increase in execution time if I conditi... 0.00
How to write a trigger which deletes a product category when the la... +0.22
SQL Aggregate Transactions by detail & Month -1.53
How to get all month names and need to show month data -1.44
Why index scan instead of seek while using comparison operator 0.00
SQL Server 2008 Update multiple columns with loop or other method +0.15
SQL Server - Split column data and retrieve last second value -0.53
Replacement for UPDATE statement with ORDER BY clause +0.20
SQL Server stored procedure select specific columns passed by argum... 0.00
Boolean expressions in SQL Server jobs 0.00
extract sub-string in T-SQL based on condition -0.54
Incorrect Syntax near Rows after trying to calculate Running Total... -3.13
How to get the last inserted value based ID descending from another... -0.43
Using a if condition in an insert SQL Server +0.49
Replacing nulls in rows with a default value in a SQL pivot query +0.79
How to execute sys.dm_exec_connections on behalf of remote server? 0.00