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Aaron Bertrand

1724.09 (73rd)
219,410 (198th)
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Title Δ
How to restore database when files are claimed? 0.00
Understanding why my CAST to INT is not working 0.00
Can I query a table in a database, only if it exists, within a view? 0.00
SQL Server query to get the list of columns in a table along with N... 0.00
Join two sys.columns tables from different servers 0.00
In SSMS, what is the number that appears in brackets after the user... 0.00
How do you write a non-dymanic SQLQuery to only return records that... +1.11
DELETE and NOT IN query performance +0.88
Update multiple rows in SQL Server 2005 (v9.0.5000) +0.22
How to get only Capital letters from given value -0.79
how to split /consider 3 character in each row 0.00
How do I fix foreign key constraints +0.60
What SELECT $ does in MS SQL Server? 0.00
Function STRING_SPLIT in SQL Server 2014 0.00
Delete data from the inserted row +0.20
SQL Server user defined function with fixed parameter 0.00
Check who/when updated a column in SQL Server 0.00
CASE when using data from a table not in a join +0.22
Is there a way to use the Case function with nvarchar data type whe... +0.93
procedure to drop system-versioned temporal tables +0.22
Find all rows where date column has timestamp = 00:00:00.000 -0.01
Error Handling for numbers of delimiters when extracting substrings +0.20
SQL Query Month over Month By System +0.22
Not able to create index on schema binding view 0.00
Counting the occurances of each letter in a string in SQL +1.34
Export from select Statement to JSON in SQL 0.00
SqlException: Login failed for user (user is not the set user in th... 0.00
Avoiding duplicates using stuff function and for xml path 0.00
How is this SQL function getting the first day of the previous month? -0.88
Integration Test Dependent upon a Database View 0.00
How can I combine tabular results and json representation of the ro... +1.22
SQL Server: extracting $#,### from a string +0.19
Alternative to NOT IN in SSMS -0.68
SQL Server MDF file growing too much +0.22
Unexpected output in SQL Server -2.46
There is a way to reduce this case from database -0.75
EXEC sp_executesql @sql limitation -0.97
Tryng to update a table in SQL -1.33
Change date format SQL +0.71
SQL Server: How do I sort and compare lots of versions? -1.95
SQL code to count only duplicates where all instances of the duplic... +1.07
How to identify truncated columns in SQL Server 2016 0.00
SQL Server 2012 analysing data from previous month with epoch time 0.00
Why does an incorrect syntax error near appears? +0.94
How can I make a dynamic SQL Server query with sliding dates but sp... -0.78
How do I get my JSON from SSMS? (An error occurred while parsing En... 0.00
Cursor use to update another table using SQL Server, T-SQL? -1.13
Selecting Dynamic date range in sql -0.79
Can we have a SQL query that lists all the tables that are not refe... +0.22
Application-time period tables 0.00