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Aaron Bertrand

1720.23 (84th)
219,410 (199th)
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Title Δ
Get previous month where column is in YYYYMM numeric datatype 0.00
Selecting 1 column's value in a group after grouping by another... +0.77
Select from Table up to Midnight on the last FULL day of data -1.24
Query only ever returns the current month +0.22
Why do I get an invalid column name error when using a temp table t... +0.22
Filter out duplicate row based on values in 2 columns 0.00
Not able to INSERT more than 1K records to temp table in SQL -0.16
Stored procedure input parameters = "All" -0.25
Extract strings till the second delim SQL -0.73
Why can datetime allow this decimal format but datetime2 won't? 0.00
How to get most recent row by each week for each ID? Week startsThu... -0.80
SQL Server - Delete older datetime entries if date appears more tha... +0.25
Convert Wed Oct 14 08:00:00 CDT 2020 format to DateOnly and Time Only +0.22
specific day of next month on a sql query -2.91
Select where column contains three uppercase letters in a row 0.00
How to obtain generated key from sql server without IDENTITY? 0.00
Switching database dynamically by a parameter in procedure 0.00
Stored procedure never deletes rows when called 0.00
How to auto generate data types for a SQL table +0.67
Count how many times a word occurred in Select statement 0.00
How to custom my primary key value in mvc 0.00
Query change to single column temporal table +0.82
CASE WHEN to assign a result set to a query +0.57
Get row value from different column if current column has "zer... +0.48
Record query while update record in table row in SQL Server Managem... 0.00
SQL DATEADD Function for 7 days after the end of the last quarter +0.55
SQL statement to retrieve procedure optional parameters list 0.00
Finding largest value from String in SQL Server -1.44
Too many arguments passed to Stored Procedure storing image 0.00
OPENROWSET to TABLE, Incorrect Syntax 0.00
SQL convert to week day and hh:mm -0.52
SQL Server date separator dot not working while inserting data +0.22
Group records recursively in SQL based on minutes between them 0.00
How to merge data from one table to another table in SQL Server +1.00
How to call a parameter inside a PIVOT statement in SQL Server +0.21
Summarize aggregations into friendly text +0.20
How to get the average time in sql 0.00
New to SQL Server looking for assistance for a datetime conversion +0.21
Check if two infinite intervals overlap +0.69
Unexpected behavior of binary conversions (COALESCE vs. ISNULL) +1.25
Convert Column values of a single row into 2 columns with the colum... -0.63
Sql where clause to return everything in case filter is null 0.00
How to Deny Disabe Trigger Permissions for a User Group? 0.00
Drop tables in a database which are created older than two months f... +0.21
Selecting latest entry ordered by group, adding a user defined colu... 0.00
Need advice on solving an Invalid column name error 0.00
Fill gaps in SQL Server dates ranges -1.47
How can I have a trigger on the same table in multiple databases wi... 0.00
How to use SQL math functions with multiple joins +0.47
Split string from a string SQL Server 2008 0.00