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Aaron Bertrand

1724.19 (71st)
119,529 (235th)
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Title Δ
How do I get my JSON from SSMS? (An error occurred while parsing En... 0.00
Cursor use to update another table using SQL Server, T-SQL? -1.12
Selecting Dynamic date range in sql -0.79
Can we have a SQL query that lists all the tables that are not refe... +0.22
Application-time period tables 0.00
Calculating a New Variable +0.21
Update multiple rows with different values based on Ids -2.21
Selecting data against numeric values saved as comma separated string -0.96
Granting Full SQL Server Permissions for a Database +0.18
Is it possible to prevent UPDATE or DELETE statements being execute... -1.08
How to check all years in database 0.00
User defined table type with check constraint +1.07
Running dynamic queries on linked server 0.00
BULK INSERT from variable Date Filename - ERROR 0.00
How to generate row between dates range in sql if for date don'... -0.27
How can i find if a string is present in a collection of comma sepr... -2.90
SQL Server subquery behaviour 0.00
How can I select a JSON_VALUE if the object name contains a single... 0.00
Why does this SQL statement increase in execution time if I conditi... 0.00
How to write a trigger which deletes a product category when the la... +0.22
SQL Aggregate Transactions by detail & Month -1.54
How to get all month names and need to show month data -1.44
Why index scan instead of seek while using comparison operator 0.00
SQL Server 2008 Update multiple columns with loop or other method +0.15
SQL Server - Split column data and retrieve last second value -0.53
Replacement for UPDATE statement with ORDER BY clause +0.20
SQL Server stored procedure select specific columns passed by argum... 0.00
Boolean expressions in SQL Server jobs 0.00
extract sub-string in T-SQL based on condition -0.54
Incorrect Syntax near Rows after trying to calculate Running Total... -3.13
How to get the last inserted value based ID descending from another... -0.43
Using a if condition in an insert SQL Server +0.49
Replacing nulls in rows with a default value in a SQL pivot query +0.79
How to execute sys.dm_exec_connections on behalf of remote server? 0.00
Change SCHEMABINDING for existing VIEW 0.00
SQL How to return All products sold in last 30 days Include non sel... 0.00
Date format query in CASE expression +0.20
SQL Query data based on a variable -1.41
Is there a difference in performance in only updating values that h... 0.00
MSSQL - Get result set of 10 years before and 10 years after curren... +1.12
Query to change table collation in SQL Server 2008 0.00
Syntax errors when migrating a .bak created in SQLServer 2000 to SQ... 0.00
Select all entities which do not have children -- getting a lot of... +0.84
Convert in SQL Server +0.79
SQL TRIGGER handling multiple INSERTED rows 0.00
Using a CTE within an UPDATE statement that is using a CASE +0.17
Error on passing variable on the function xp_dirtree 0.00
Incorrect syntax near ',' in SQL dynamic query +0.20
SQL Select every 10 months +0.88
Finding #temp table in sysobjects / INFORMATION_SCHEMA 0.00