An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1500.96 (417,864th)
4,518 (36,869th)
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Title Δ
GitExtensions replacing # with underscore. How to turn it off? 0.00
Build boost with msvc 14.1 ( VS2017 RC) +0.54
Programmatically finding the VS2017 installation directory +2.06
Programmatically finding the VS2017 installation directory -1.94
Visual Studio (2015) fpermissive equivalent flag 0.00
Why does Git Extensions open a repository on startup? How to change... +0.11
Git, Git Extensions Lost Files 0.00
Using <CustomVisualizer> tag with natvis 0.00
I am looking for a proper way to display a UUID via NatVis in VS2012 0.00
How to auto checkout TFS file by other editor 0.00
GitExtensions - OpenSSH ignores ~/.ssh/config file 0.00
How to make Git Extensions browser show all commits like gitk --all -0.77
Can't manage to load my private key with git extension 0.00
Get HWND on windows with Qt5 (from WId) +4.04
git / git-extensions versions correspondance table - Which version... 0.00
Natvis Visual Studio 2012 Boost Vector and Matrix +4.15
How to remove/hide GitExtensions toolbar from Visual Studio? 0.00
Can a desktop Delphi application be certified for Windows 8 (using... 0.00
Viewing 3D Image with AMD Quad Buffer SDK - DirectX 9 -2.07
Where can I find script that convert VC++ inline assembler to intri... -3.89
Git - How to use .netrc file on windows to save user and password 0.00
Adding .cu and .cuh as 'c' code in Git Extensions 0.00
MinGW-w32 vs. MinGW 0.00
Cache http git passwords in windows: mysysgit 0.00
Windows 7 Credential Provider Sample 0.00
Unquote string in C# 0.00
Which Clang compiler should I download? 0.00
OpenCL C/C++ dynamic binding library (win32 and more) 0.00
Memory leaks - the horror of every programmer? -3.61
Is there an easy way to make `boost::ptr_vector` more debugger frie... 0.00
Qt classes to Zip/ Unzip files? 0.00
Equivalents to MSVC's _countof in other compilers? 0.00
How can one obtain the "name" of a process start address... -3.35
C++: Rounding up to the nearest multiple of a number 0.00
faster alternative to memcpy? +0.98
How get list of local network computers? 0.00
Fast conversion from YUY2 to RGB24 0.00
StAX Writer Implementation for C/C++ 0.00
Run arbitrary subprocesses on Windows and still terminate cleanly? 0.00
Maven-like dependency management for C++? 0.00
Get the graphics card model? 0.00
How to debug heap corruption errors? 0.00
Can I send a ctrl-C (SIGINT) to an application on Windows? 0.00
Visual C++: How to disable specific linker warnings? 0.00
How to obtain the correct physical size of the monitor? +4.71
How to obtain the correct physical size of the monitor? 0.00
Allowing a title bar double click to maximize a dialog but without... 0.00
Using SSE in c# is it possible? 0.00
Reader/Writer Locks in C++ 0.00
GCC with Visual Studio? 0.00