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Muthu Kumaran

1506.70 (113,287th)
14,528 (9,768th)
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Title Δ
W3C HTML validation errors: “Stray end tag </head>” and “Star... -0.51
Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of null on web page 0.00
How to trigger scroll event keeping scrollTop 1px in jQuery? 0.00
how to get child of div element +0.48
why it's not alerting my information from WeathermapAPI -0.00
How to trigger the 'change' event if jQuery sets the value? -0.20
A Basic Array in javascript, But at end it return NaN while looping... +0.21
How can I enable next button only if success? -0.19
How do I make my alert disappear? +0.00
How to use an numerical input in a form as variable data? +1.07
Unable to reference HTML values in Javascript +0.45
Vue.js dynamic <style> with variables +0.06
how to loop through [] brackets of json array -1.61
Javascript - div innerHTML does not change +0.49
Setting background color + opacity in js except a button +1.23
Json parsing using JavaScript showing blank page -0.01
how to get an index of an element deep inside the DOM +1.40
display two input buttons in a form +0.49
Icon's hover won't line up -0.98
jQuery - disable / removing javascript from iframe -0.00
Vue setting colspan 0.00
HTML how to get tag arguments +1.06
JS text variable always showing undefined +0.38
Multiselect dropdown on scroll stays on top 0.00
How to make content editable with button -0.01
How to call function of JS added in header? +0.48
print media query not working on iOS(chrome, safari, mozilla) 0.00
redirect to another jsp page -0.01
Why body.scrollTop is not working on Google chrome and Firefox but... 0.00
How to change the color of an image using CSS3? -0.01
Style last element on every printed page differently +0.50
Cannot fetch data from json using select in javascript 0.00
Use local storage instead of react redux 0.00
Is there a VueJS component that mimic's 0.00
Vue.js v-if inside v-for not actively listening to array change 0.00
After clicking on submit button I am checking for a condition if it... -0.73
JSLint -Expected '{' instead saw 'type' +1.56
element appendchild by timer 0.00
form not sending data? +1.35
Replace all XX attributes to numeric ID with jQuery +0.52
I’m having trouble linking my CSS file to my html +0.50
<?php ?> not allowing php to be rendered (xampp) 0.00
Off doesn't work properly +2.31
what is wrong with this code? when i run this code on browser it no... 0.00
Disable left and right controls when first and last time is active 0.00
Show a div only on small screens with jquery or css +0.79
onblur function for array of values +0.52
Tweet the score of HTML5 game without possible tampered values +0.19
jQuery keypress enter not working +1.23
How do I return a key value by providing another key value in a mul... -0.24