An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1672.67 (298th)
126,629 (501st)
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Title Δ
Why function variable returns wrong calculation? -0.25
JS Modal- Not using Bootstrap 0.00
Why is this small piece of code not working as desired? (JS for loo... 0.00
a NaN output in JavaScript 0.00
Lowercase and Uppercase are the same JS +0.26
filter javascript listing with an age range input 0.00
Instantiating javascript class in Node.js 0.00
Compute every combination of 6 numbers 0.00
Select Checkbox !== Select Row Table +0.27
replace multiple characters at the same time jquery 0.00
How to find the class of element in a each loop +0.29
Disabling or Enabling Radio Buttons According To Groups +0.27
Finding date with regex in strings -0.72
Clicking an element and adding a class to an element to a different... 0.00
jQuery - progressivly showing div +1.90
Parent element event is fireing on click of child element 0.00
Automatic multiplication for several row 0.00
Node.js v8.0.0 - Search the an array using a keyword 0.00
Any cases when an object does not traverse its prototype chain to g... +0.28
conditional checkboxs javascript not working -0.23
How to assign a class to a node in JavaScript 0.00
Remove single quotes from beginning and end of string 0.00
How do I count the number of elements in a sortable div? +0.26
Javascript SetInterval and get value Math.random -1.25
Click() not firing from <a href> when link is clicked +0.27
Create an array of random numbers Return highest number Javascript +0.28
JS Sort by specific sort order 0.00
Want to select the parentNode of a certain word index +1.32
How to apply a css class to certain table column and row? -0.23
Moving inline javascript function to external file and convert to j... 0.00
Execute functions based on certain time delay and ignore other func... 0.00
Add Unique ID to inputs generated with foreach by javascript +0.27
Java Script live typing +0.27
switch nested inside while loop to allow user to play again-Javascr... 0.00
Create Multi Dimensional Array of Objects From Multiple Arrays 0.00
Can someone please explain what is wrong with this code and how to... +1.72
What is .map() doing in this situation? +0.95
Pushing objects with the same values to Array +0.28
Jquery On change array ID 0.00
Compare two arrays and create two new arrays with missing and new e... 0.00
Why don't my retract menu pop out? -0.22
grouped options select with jquery +1.23
regex for a character range with double character 0.00
Changing radio button background on selected accourding to it value +0.28
How do I merge two adjacent <span> together if they have the... 0.00
Multiple Div with a Button for each Div to Toggle Show/Hide the Div +0.46
Why converting an integer to truthy value works differently when us... +1.76
Replace function for negative regex in javascript 0.00
How to remove <br> and everything after that? -1.45
Dynamically created button in table per row in jquery 0.00