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Rating Stats for

Ev. Kounis

1556.21 (5,993rd)
11,020 (13,571st)
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Title Δ
Trying to get main function to display a function in python -0.08
All possible combinations of elements from sets of different sizes -0.38
Numpy Array: First occurence of N consecutive values smaller than t... -0.53
Print indexes of lists of list as the main list (python) +1.48
Conditional, term-wise addition of sublist slices -0.27
Choose Lower and Uppercase randomly without adding it manually -0.54
how to slice last non-zero row elements from matrix -0.85
how do i push a specific element at the last of the list in an exis... -0.27
Evaluate mathematical strings in python 3.7 0.00
Python & Sorting : Sorting Elements In Order Their Subelements... +1.95
Removing groups of duplicate elements in a list, but keeping the fi... +1.27
Summing values in an Iterator 0.00
How to replace a element in list of list using python3? +0.75
Is there an efficient way to search a list with another list mainta... -0.58
Neither elements in an wordList +0.42
How to find the largest number(s) in a list of elements, possibly n... +1.56
Add Multiplie values in list for the same key using python +0.34
Taking two values from two list (Random Order) of tuples and multip... +0.44
Compare keys and values of nested dictionaries in Python +0.42
Circular range of indices in Python -0.66
Adding integers progressively to a list +0.71
How to generate dynamic combinations of elements where ordering of... 0.00
How to remove the first and last value of the first and last elemen... -0.54
numpy matrix multiplication raises weird error 0.00
Add number to random item in a list loop problem 0.00
Search and Replace a word within a word in Python. Replace() method... +1.63
How to calculate the proportions of the words that appear with the... -1.62
Identify a single difference in a python list +0.44
Count letter frequency in word list, excluding duplicates in the sa... -0.83
Using zip_longest to sum different length lists and fill different... -1.96
How to create list of items in a list by index in python +0.00
Zipping two arrays of n and 2n length to form a dictionary +0.63
Sum of values in list when condition is met +1.94
Python-properly adding fractions +0.44
Given a string how to randomly transpose 2 of their letters? -0.96
Match elements of lists by partly similar strings| Python 3.x +0.42
Get first element greater than a given number from a sorted list +0.73
List comprehension with nested list, if statement and range steps +0.09
What are the ways to import a module/function? +0.38
loop over list and dictionary in python -2.15
Removing even no from list +0.44
Create a list of sums from a list -0.59
Overwritting dictionary 'update' method 0.00
Python : Finding all occurance of substring in string without using... +0.43
Replace items in list with items in tuple of tuples -0.06
How do I excecute a command for every split? +0.73
How do i choose random string from python list other than using ran... +0.43
Removing neighboring duplicates in list in python 0.00
How to find the majority integer that is divisible by the integer 10? -0.36
compare two lists of dictionaries for specific fields -0.47