An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Daniel Kaplan

1525.56 (23,254th)
38,154 (2,933rd)
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Title Δ
Typescript: Is there a way to use variables in a template literal t... -1.34
How do you implement the options object pattern in typescript? +0.44
typescript: is there a recursive keyof? -0.29
Can you animate text content with anime.js? 0.00
testcafe: better error messages for native dialogs 0.00
testcafe: Check for something after every click 0.00
Visual Studio Code does not respect my eslint quote rules 0.00
Why aren't type errors resolved when I install types? 0.00
How do I write a script that kills a docker container? -2.02
How does Athena know how to partition your data? +0.48
How do I use reflection to call a non public method with 0 arguments? 0.00
PageViews for Google Analytics Plugin for Unity 0.00
AngularJS: How can I modify service in a document.onload? 0.00
How do I make a TestCafe test fail when angularjs throws an error? 0.00
Testcafe: Expectation on the length of a textarea -0.52
CircleCI: A job that requires a human to start 0.00
Sequelize: How do I use the non-dev config? 0.00
Vimscript: Filetypes aren't being loaded 0.00
How do you manage an explosion of update paths/Msg constructors? -1.43
Download percent with FileUtils.copyURLToFile 0.00
How do you set the targetPath of jar overlay in a war? 0.00
How do I mock certain objects of a class being tested? +1.95
How do I turn off 1-line error reporting in Failsafe? 0.00
In Spring-MVC, how do I dynamically set constructor arguments of a... 0.00
How can I provide meaningful error feedback from validation without... -0.05
How would I write an automated check that every parameter has a spe... 0.00
when I use linkedlist in java, it seems not to "pass by value&... -1.07
ModelMapper: What is the best way to solve this -0.54
Why doesn't java compiler complain about ambiguity here? 0.00
How do I introduce a new parameter all the way up the call hierarchy? 0.00
Returning max value in java -0.09
CXF RS: How do I tell the application to use my custom ExceptionMap... 0.00
Spring: @Value vs. @Autowired 0.00
Insert "content" into Java window 0.00
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL on javascript objects 0.00
is it possible to remove a last line from a file via BufferedWriter... +0.48
Why isn't the AmazonS3Client using the proxy I set? 0.00
How to convert the var in js into java? -0.88
How to get same connection from a DataSource in multiple classes? -0.05
Does the CXF Rest Client use connection pooling? 0.00
How do I retrieve a single piece of data from a website from java? -0.54
How to Replace Words Outside Of Quotes -0.47
Why can't i define something as private in java? 0.00
Why isn't PowerMockito mocking this class properly? 0.00
How to Initialize an InputStream Before Try/Catch Block 0.00
Pull variable up Intellij IDEA? 0.00
How do I configure the date format the server returns using CXF JAX... 0.00
Solr: How do I search for a phrase in a field? 0.00
Beginner ADT's and JUnit 4 +0.44
Adding all the elements from an enum into an ArrayList -1.08