An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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1493.13 (4,337,012th)
868 (174,093rd)
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Title Δ
Remove show accordion when click on another accordion in JavaScript -0.07
How do I change the shape of item border in navbar +0.16
Keep multi-selected options in place 0.00
Vertical scroll affects min-width property -4.16
How to remove the placeholder text of input[type="date"]? -2.78
Change mouse cursor when dragging a desktop document 0.00
how to inline two border 0.00
How do I put a constant number infront of an entry space in html (j... 0.00
How to make image into a link without losing the styling? and put t... 0.00
SCSS pass separate sizes -1.27
Trying to use BEM methodology, am I on the right track? 0.00
Shrink and wrap blocks of text to never overflow parent block 0.00
Alignment problem using SVG embedded icon in Navbar bootstrap 0.00
Button Placement on split screen design 0.00
Images clipping out of tiles on an isometric grid 0.00
How can i display li elements horizontally -1.17
Input date placeholder -3.78
How can I move my hamburger menu to the top right? +4.31
How to make vertical lines with connecting dots? -1.41
How to implement a re-sizable and auto hide side menu 0.00
!important tag not overriding CSS styles -0.03
Radio buttons with input text -4.09
Font weight isn't working with variable fonts? -2.44
Grid Layout in HTML CSS -4.23
Possible to stack images within a flex container? +0.21
Alignment of elements and responsiveness 0.00
Change background Color of a div once you click an li item +0.37
How to place a link button next to a div using Bootstrap 4 +3.81
Why z-index in VUEJS style is not working? 0.00
css expand toolptip within a range 0.00
Hot to use ::-webkit-scrollbar to hide horizontal bar or vertical b... -2.14
How to fit image according to width and height in bootstrap card? -0.27
Image not displaying in loop Vue.js +1.23
the backgroung image not showing up in browser +3.85
CSS/HTML - Flexbox - Center responsive elements +3.72
Center focused slider 0.00
what does this adobe boxshadow value translate to boxshadow value i... 0.00
Background color height 0.00
Trouble using Bootstrap's display property d-none 0.00
Link area bigger than the image -2.10
dynamically generated radio buttons name property array index incre... -0.52
div wrapper width by min content +3.98
CSS Button with right arrow +1.94
How to sticky section using "position: sticky;" css? 0.00