An Elo-based rating system for Stack Overflow
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Rating Stats for

Philip Sheard

1424.83 (4,190,797th)
5,132 (32,159th)
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Title Δ
File missing in iOS +2.19
Oracle AWR - high SQL Parse Calls but 0 Executions 0.00
Check if its the first checkbox is clicked -1.22
Android - passing Intents back and forth +0.10
Sending notification from one app to another app in Android +0.61
how to use multiple databases with the same structure but with diff... -1.90
Compare two columns in a Sql table and select values from first tab... +0.73
Android:String concatenation in Toast doesn't work +1.01
Replace &#10; with <br> -0.82
Average Sales Per Day Formula [Not ordinary average] +0.11
MySQL Character Issue When Using UPDATE Statement with PHP +0.11
Does mysql optimize the IN clause +0.24
VBA - Split from right to left (REVERSED) +0.10
Android 4.3 (x86) in Virtual Box recognize Bluetooth Dongle but don... 0.00
Sender is not set in Email sent using JavaMail api 0.00
Special Pythagorean Triplet -0.40
Activity calls another activity and must resume again after another... +0.61
Update or change adapter in Listview +1.22
How can i upload a csv file in mysql database using multithreads? +0.61
Algorithm for scissor paper stone -0.45
vba, Why an un-dimensioned array works with Split() -0.06
MySQL UPDATE statement performance -0.06
What’s wrong with my implementation of the power function? -0.34
Android KeyCode of Underscore 0.00
Upload file to Drop box from android application -1.67
suddenly getting Null Pointer Exception +0.59
Which convention is better? -0.43
Identical tables in sql, find rows in one that aren't in the other +0.16
C# not running else statement bug or code error? +0.22
Can't get label to initialize with a value +0.40
Android app crash on query statement 0.00
Getting null values when passing data from one activity to another... +0.42
Using global variables in Objective-C -0.32
Is iPhone (iOS) able to use categories for contacts (and to recogni... 0.00
Exchange of information between two Web Applications -0.06
FileScriptingObject: File.DateLastModified Function not working as... +0.58
SQL- listing people who did not contribute +0.26
SQL query - double condition on relational table -0.43
Combinations with committee members +0.73
android cannot use GestureListener on scrollview 0.00
Getting exception in assignment of a value to array in android -1.24
Solving equation using bodmas in C# -0.51
Remove Checkbox in a Yes/No Field in MS Access -1.56
Classes in the same package not communicating with each other -0.94
SQL select to see rows in columns -1.64
Android programmatic relative layout: BELOW rule not working? +0.07
The method startActivity(Intent) is undefined for the type MyFileOb... +0.34
What is the tight bound for big O? -1.15
Physics with balls in Java, Energy not working +0.20
Methods for getting the most accurate location +0.59